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Tis the Season

This year, not everyone can be in the heart of their family or with their friends. Many must spend Christmas alone. And so this is for you, this Christmas Day We’re here in the liminal days: a time when magic … Continue reading

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For the Solstice Today

I’ll leave it to Damh the Bard to deliver the message: On Midwinter’s Day    

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O Yay, a Celebration

O Yay, O Yay, O Yay, the butterfly has landed!!! Eight years this week since I started this blog…not bad for someone with a reputation for restlessly flittering. I have grown to be something other over those years. An (International) … Continue reading

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That’s Tantamount to Heresy

He said my suggestion was asinine. I asked him why. He said it doesn’t conform to the accepted theory. I said what if that theory is wrong? No, he said, that is truly asinine. But what about that body of … Continue reading

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Riddle Me Riddles But Do Not Lie

I was happy I was Alone I didn’t need anyone Until that virus caused lockdown What you cannot have, you desperately want I couldn’t have touches And hugs And kisses He knew that He played on it Said the words … Continue reading

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CCC97: Fishing

“What are you after?” I asked as I passed the boy and his mother. “Bass,” said the boy. “Mullet,” said the mother. “What have you caught?” I asked. “Nothing,” said the mother. “The mullet won’t bite,” the boy said. “And … Continue reading

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According to Scientists…

George opened his eyes with grudged reluctance, disturbed from his Sunday morning slumber by her downstairs. Who was she talking to, all ‘sweetness’ and ‘petals’? Next door’s cat, most likely. He had told her… and here she’d got it in … Continue reading

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The Endless Sea

I stand upon the shore Content the endless sea That kisses my toes Is kissing your toes too 18 words written for Sammi’s Weekend Writing Challenge: Endless

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My Lord, Sir Knight

You, my love since ancient days, my own soul’s mate I accept, I capitulate From you, my love, I can no longer run My love for you, you’ve once again won And so this oath, ancient and true Forever my … Continue reading

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Rupert, Princeling Bear

Rupert, self-styled Princeling Bear, looked with disdain on the fashionless hordes that these days crowded the bars and clubs, all regimented in their turn-upped jeans and braces, their Number 1 close cuts, their often grubby t-shirts. They had no taste, … Continue reading

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