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Wishing Wells

Such a fantastic response to  Crimson’s Creative Challenge this week has inspired me to share a couple of photos dating back 20 yrs (pre-digi, point&click camera, terrible quality). They were taken at Swallowhead Springs, source of the Kennet river in … Continue reading

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Our Self-Induced Illusions

I might have taken to penning romance, but here’s my answer to those who seek to see a transformation What lies delight us How eager to believe our self-induced illusions That here is love and here is truth And here … Continue reading

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The Turn of the Year

Come join our hands Come touch the sky Come dance the dance And thread the stones Rejoice this day The sun stands high For on the morrow she cannot stay Her southern lover draws her away

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Sunday Picture Post: A Walk on the South Side

The path on the south side of Breydon Water leads to Burgh Castle and the remains of a Roman fort. But we’re not going to walk that far. Instead, we’ll cut across the marshes and circle back to Great Yarmouth. … Continue reading

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The Fabric of Life: An Observation

The fabric of life of late has frayed Lost is the self-edge that should waylay it Warped and teased with covert intent to unravel According to those who conspiracies see No longer a cloth to support the living Now more … Continue reading

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Sunday Picture Post: Springtime Blues

These photos need no introduction other than to say they were taken on 23rd April last year (2019) Every year since moving from here (back in 1983) I’ve returned for the bluebells. But not this year; to do so requires … Continue reading

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Bridge Over the River Tud

Bridge, another title achieved in Maria’s Antonia’s #2020picoftheweek The title might say where this is (for those who care to google it). But it doesn’t say how close this bridge is to my heart. My grandfather helped build this bridge, … Continue reading

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For England and Saint… Who?

Today – 23rd April – is Saint George’s Day. But even without the lockdown, you’d see few English folk celebrating. Of the Four Nations of Britain, it’s only we English that let our Patron Saint’s Day pass without a fuss. … Continue reading

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My Turn to Turn, Turn, Turn

Last Tuesday I set a challenge. To find us a sing-along song to keep up our spirits during this current crisis. As an example, I posted WWI’s Greatest Hit, Pack Up Your Troubles. There were fewer suggestions than I had … Continue reading

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Not The Final Song

Oops, I got it wrong; yesterday’s wasn’t the final song.

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