Harken: Advance Warning

I’m moving home. But as yet I don’t know when. It could be next week, it could be in a month’s time. The one thing I am sure of is it’s already causing turmoil and it’s going to get worse.

I don’t know if I shall have immediate phone connection, if I shall have internet access, or if I shall be back in the dark ages. I do know that my trusty little phone will connect via 4g. But I also know it’s heavy on battery, and not ideal for uploading photos.

So I intend to upload and schedule as far ahead as I can (i.e. as far as I have available photos).

And I apologise now if I get behind with reading your posts. I know this is already happening what with eye-ops and jabs and side effects and viewing the property and trying to pack what’s not needed, and ferrying sackfuls of donations to charity shops…. did someone say moving is a stressful experience. Yeah? Really? Hah-hah.

So please forgive any lapses and moments of forgetfulness. I have given you due warning.

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24 Responses to Harken: Advance Warning

  1. Tien Skye says:

    I hope you will enjoy your new home 😊

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  2. Dale says:

    Do not even start to apologise! It’s part of life and I wish you a smooth transition with the least possible disruption! We’ll all be here when you are ready and able!!

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  3. Sadje says:

    I hope it goes well Crispina.

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  4. Judy says:

    Oh yeah moving is a bit of a process. Times like that you wish that you didn’t own anything..such a hassle having stuff!! I’m not moving but trying to slowly slim down my possessions to what I really want to look at and give/ditch the rest. This is also a time when I am grateful for having a small house as like work filling the time allowed for it, things fill the space allowed for it. Just the way it is.

    Hope you love your new digs and hope it has great hiking and photo ops too!!

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    • The new place is closer to beach, and closer to North side of Breydon, and closer to Bure Park where I’ve taken lots of photos. Otherwise, not much difference.
      And I used to say I could pack everything into a case & backpack, catch a coach and go. Not anymore. Our possessions tie us down. Though for the greater part mine are books

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  5. There’s no need to apologise, Crispina. We understand. I hope the move goes well. Good luck.

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  6. Good luck with the move Crispina, I hope you’re very happy in your new home.

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  7. Moving is such work! Take care of yourself in this transition.


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