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Sunday Picture Post: Thistly Things

This Sunday four photos, two plants. Wrap your eyes around these. But be warned, they’re not flesh-friendly. The Cotton Thistle is native to East Anglia, but a garden escape elsewhere Of course, neither of these photos do justice to this … Continue reading

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Two Fine Horses

If you count legs you’ll discover there’s one hiding. But these two wouldn’t allow the third one to snuffle his snout in. So … Hello, as per the title in Maria’s photo challenge For details of #2019picoftheweek challenge see MariaAntonia … Continue reading

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Friday’s Post: Poison

Not all plants are friendly. Here are two poisonous in all their parts. The first you’ve probably heard of since it brought Socrates to his end. The other … not so commonly known. Usually marked with random purple blotches, the … Continue reading

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CCC#33: The Bishop and the King’s Bailiff

In 1285 King Eddy Longshanks sent an edict: To gather the geld from every hundred. The bailiff of Trowse replied to the same: That the bishop of Norwich had refused him and even threatened excommunication. An inquest was held, the … Continue reading

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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #33

Welcome to my weekly challenge—open to all—just for FUN, FUN, FUN Here’s how it works: Every Wednesday I post a photo (this week it’s that one above.) You respond with something CREATIVE Here are some suggestions: An answering photo A … Continue reading

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Shrine or Tomb or Place of Translation

I’d made a mistake, I shouldn’t have enrolled on this course. I’d never wrap my head around this alien culture. “The body is then taken into the shrine,” the lecturer continued as onscreen an image appeared of what I’d swear … Continue reading

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The Ash-Maid’s Wizard Mother

From the long years of my life From the many studied charms Now at my death I have the answer To the tricks that she performed How she transformed the mice to men How she an invitation penned How she … Continue reading

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Echoes of Nowhere

The second of my four poems to be accepted by Whispers and Echoes—Road to Nowhere—is published today. Remember the road: The road to nowhere; Nowhere, where I go to dream … See Whispers and Echoes for the full poem Road … Continue reading

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What Pegman Saw: The Flatulent One

‘See!’ Chimalis addressed the pilgrims. ‘At Huracan’s first creation, the gods created humans from mud. But mud has no voice to worship the gods, and so the gods destroyed them in a deluge.’ The pilgrims knew the story, yet the … Continue reading

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Sunday Picture Post: Painted Pink

How to theme a post which features photos of flowers as delicate and rare as an orchid, and as common and tough as hogweed. By colour, of course. So here you are: And the reason there is only one is … Continue reading

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