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Believing Mideer to be safely ensconced in the land of her ancestors her uncles—maternal and paternal—continue to slug it out to promote their various daughters to the throne. Meanwhile, after witnessing the Glyntlanders’ bloody deletion of Madja troops, Mideer has … Continue reading

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Under The Sky

Scotland has its mountains; Cumbria its lakes; Wales its valleys; the South its Downs, stones and circles. East Anglia has skies which became the inspiration for the Norwich School of artists. So, with no resort to the dramatic, here are … Continue reading

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To Help Jump The Coup

Alas, alas! While Mideer was busy arranging a better deal with the Glyntlanders her mother has died, her father been killed, and an imposter put upon Mideer’s own throne. Moreover, her uncle has been sent to Glyntland to ensure she … Continue reading

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A ‘Chronicles’ Supplement

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Altered Images

What do you do with a photo that, no matter the tweaks to increase contrast, bring more definition, crop to improve composition, still ends up looking naff? The answer could be this . . . Next week? Beneath the Wide Sky

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Railroaded By Glyntlanders

Mideer has set part of her plan: she’s to invite a band of Macarans to Madjaria so her people can see how ridiculous their prejudices. Her people might even want to experience their Holy Land—as now she’s discovered their ancestors … Continue reading

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Trees, what do we see in them . . .

Or if you’d rather: Trees, Up Close and Personal . . . Again, I have featured this tree before but it’s such a classic. And in Loony Tunes style: That’s all for now, folks.  

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An Axe To Greet Me

Stripped naked of her prejudices, Hean has declared Mideer fit now to fulfil the prophecy. Yet, though she knows in outline how she’ll work to unite the Three Lands, the practicalities are another matter . . . Read on I … Continue reading

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Water Sprites

A deceptive title maybe for this collection of photos. Perhaps ‘The Spirit of Water’ would be more apt. I don’t know what theme I’ll give my next photo-blog. I am currently collecting photos of ‘fruits’. But that’s to wait till … Continue reading

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Every One Me

Mideer thought she’d returned to the solidity of the familiar cave—a relief after Hensable’s rapidly morphing other-land—only to be confronted by . . . what, a tree? Read on “What . . .?” I asked again only to find myself … Continue reading

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