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At the Meeting of One with Another

We humans have recognised the liminal times since our first awakening – the change of winter into spring, of summer into winter, the pivotal solstice as the old year yields to the new. So too the liminal places where water … Continue reading

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Rules of the Game

An Alien Take I’m not into football, cricket or tennis, (A game of snooker’s more my thing.) But to keep a friend company – dumped by her boyfriend, snuffling and sniffling – I allowed her to bully me into watching a game. “But … Continue reading

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Slippetty Slop

Slippetty-slop Slippetty-slop Back and forth Never stop Confined to her room And in a strop Slippetty-slop Slippetty-slop Back and forth Never stop They must be punished Thoughts on the hop She sees a chance Packs Teddy and brushes Opens the … Continue reading

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