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Harken: Advance Warning

I’m moving home. But as yet I don’t know when. It could be next week, it could be in a month’s time. The one thing I am sure of is it’s already causing turmoil and it’s going to get worse. … Continue reading

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Count me in

May the saints bless you, Sammi and hold you safely. Why? Well just look at the word she’s given us! Solitudinarian. I love you, Sammi, for that word is right up my street. Well, not my actual street cos I … Continue reading

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CCC116: Changes

They’d just made a start on building this bridge when I moved to this town. Where Asada now stands was a pipe-yard. Pipes for what I don’t know but they came in all sizes and made for fantastic photos. Part … Continue reading

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His Love Goes On

11th January I posted that my father had tested positive for Covid. At 100+ year he might be expected to succumb to that, so you can imagine our delight when he recovered. But yesterday he took a tumble and bashed … Continue reading

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My Life Of Late

Sat: Fireworks lit the laptop’s screen. Graphics chip. I’d bought a new machine the day before Lockdown closed our shops. But all had seemed well and so… Sun: Powered the laptop. It groaned and whined. The fan. I persisted and … Continue reading

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Breydon Water sits on the border of Norfolk and Suffolk. And as of today, these two counties are in Lockdown. Again. Not alone, but with the rest of East Anglia. So this is likely to become my photographic home for … Continue reading

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Tis the Season

This year, not everyone can be in the heart of their family or with their friends. Many must spend Christmas alone. And so this is for you, this Christmas Day We’re here in the liminal days: a time when magic … Continue reading

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For the Solstice Today

I’ll leave it to Damh the Bard to deliver the message: On Midwinter’s Day    

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O Yay, a Celebration

O Yay, O Yay, O Yay, the butterfly has landed!!! Eight years this week since I started this blog…not bad for someone with a reputation for restlessly flittering. I have grown to be something other over those years. An (International) … Continue reading

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That’s Tantamount to Heresy

He said my suggestion was asinine. I asked him why. He said it doesn’t conform to the accepted theory. I said what if that theory is wrong? No, he said, that is truly asinine. But what about that body of … Continue reading

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