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Like all writers words cast a spell upon me, a fascination. But, I swear, I didn’t go looking for hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia. It found me. But it started me thinking. This is the result. For the writer…

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What Pegman Saw: A True King’s Insignia

Born of an egg, five hundred years in the hatching. Born into enmity with the Nagas, his one thousand siblings; bound into peace by Buddha. Taken by Vishnu to be his vehicle, to transport him horizon to horizon, fast as … Continue reading

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At the Meeting of One with Another

We humans have recognised the liminal times since our first awakening – the change of winter into spring, of summer into winter, the pivotal solstice as the old year yields to the new. So too the liminal places where water … Continue reading

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Seven Years On…

Do you remember your seventh birthday? Mine: I remember we’d not long moved from a bungalow to a house. I loved the stairs, a wonderful adventure playground (alas, my mother did not agree!) And here’s a parallel: Today is my … Continue reading

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The Mallet and the Egg

It is imperative we reduce CO2 levels from its present level of 400 ppm, to 150 ppm. You’re sure you heard that right, Buster? Only at 150 ppm all plant life dies. Yeah, sure. That’s the only way to solve … Continue reading

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I have a new name…

NOTE. NOTE. NOTE. NOTE. As of yesterday, crimsonprose has a new name. Mine. AND a domain. Yep, after seven years of hiding behind the blog’s name, I’ve arrived. But other than that, nothing changes. All links remain. Your comments … Continue reading

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BTW I shall be off-line for a while today while my laptop visits the doctor. I hope to be back on by the evening. But here’s advance warning in case…

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What Pegman Saw: They Came to Trade

They came to trade, they stayed to rule, They came with strange weapons and their tools; They claimed the protection of their god And believed that we’d be overawed. They took our food, they took our land, They broke us, … Continue reading

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Sunday Picture Post: Dr Prunella

After last week’s Poison, I thought I’d go for something more … beneficial. Selfheal, prunella vulgaris, is the herbalist’s heal-all. The leaves dried and steeped to make a tisane, it can be used to treat throat infections, or it can … Continue reading

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Cold Hands, Cold Heart

Glacial – the place you called home Glacial – the love you claimed you bore me Glacial – the heart you said was devoted to me Glacial – the smile you seldom turned on me Glacial – the looks that … Continue reading

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