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My Turn to Turn, Turn, Turn

Last Tuesday I set a challenge. To find us a sing-along song to keep up our spirits during this current crisis. As an example, I posted WWI’s Greatest Hit, Pack Up Your Troubles. There were fewer suggestions than I had … Continue reading

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Not The Final Song

Oops, I got it wrong; yesterday’s wasn’t the final song.

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Yep, I Found Me Another

No taking your partners, just sing along with a fah-lah-lah!  

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Another New Twist to Another Old Song


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A New Twist to an Old Song

No comment needed. Impossible not to share.

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Sing-along-Song Challenge

Our political leaders refer to our fight against this pandemic as a WAR… which sends my thoughts to other times and other wars – particularly to World War I, apt since the Great Flu Pandemic followed. How did our folks … Continue reading

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Update ReadEveryBooks Scam

First, the situation with the tweeter, Eunice Beckman. Tweets began on 3rd March 2020. To date, 800+ tweets have been posted. That’s 800+ books linked to the site. See the screenshots that follow. I haven’t checked out all the … Continue reading

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Who But a Human

Perplexed, you say, pondering And I wonder what perplexities you mull upon now What confusion found though the evidence was clearly presented What contradictions cleverly wrought – in your opinion – to baffle and snaffle you What oxymorons, what tautologies, … Continue reading

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Hand-axes, our first achievement While microliths marked the meso age Pottery, coiled and burnished, served neo farmers But copper and tin alloyed ushered in our worst epoch 27 words written for Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt: Epoch

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Sunday Fungi: Fly Away

And can we have Christmas without Fly Agaric? But who’s been eating off the *fly*? From the Rhine to the Volga and beyond, the Fly Agaric was long the symbol of Christmas. It is the red of the baubles on … Continue reading

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