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Medievalist Neve is delighted to find herself surrounded by swirling colours and foot-stomping music in Regin-jarl’s mead hall… even if her presence is dependent on the memories of a banished angel.
Prompted by that angel to find the truth of her grandfather, locked in a cage to be food for vampiric grimmen, trapped beneath a dragon… life isn’t fun for Neve… though she does like the music!

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The Spinner’s Game


Set in the between-time, when hunter-gatherers turned to settled agriculture, when spirits and demons morphed to gods, the five books of The Spinner’s Game takes Kerrid’s story across continents and weaves through ages fraught with floods and droughts to become the prototype of our most ancient myths.

The Spinner’s Child
Book 1 The Spinner’s Game

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Kerrid, a fraudulent seer born of a fisher-hunter clan, holds two beliefs. That in her psychic abilities and exuded light she is unique, and as Voice of the Lady she’s exempt from an arranged marriage. Both convictions are shattered when nine boats arrive from the east carrying the ancient Chief Uissinir who wants her for his wife, and five of his sons who emit similar lights and share tricks like her own. Forced to make an unwise judgement, a trail of death follows.

Questions plague her. Why does she dream of babies dying? Why does a voice in her head taunt her: Suffer the loss, suffer the pain? And what is she that no matter how lethal the wound, she does not die?

Lake of Dreams
Book 2 The Spinner’s Game

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 In the first book of The Spinner’s Game, Kerrid explored and developed her powers, gained a glimmering of what she might be, discovered the source of the accusatory voice, and worked to transform her status to that of a genuine shamanic wise-woman, able to enter the Spinner’s Otherworld Web. At the last, the Spinner tasked her with the eradication of Neka, the snake-demon. To do this she must understand the cause and the source of their Asaric nature.

The eldest of Gimmerin’s Asaric brothers also wishes to discover this source. But to join his quest Kerrid must gain the approval of all the brothers, hindered by Gimmerin’s repeated efforts to undermine her, and the strange pull she feels to the second-born brother, Jiar.

The Pole That Threads
Book 3 The Spinner’s Game

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Kerrid has discovered the Asars are banished divines. Now to regain their divine heights, she seeks the Pole that Threads the Worlds, for in that high place resides the demon Neka, which the Spinner has tasked her to eradicate.

No longer with her wed-man, Kerrid ventures alone on a journey that takes her to the western shore of the Boundless Sea and into the frozen wastes of the north. Along the way, she encounters a delusional Asar with a burning lust for her, a trickster heron, and a knowing-man who loves her. Can Kerrid navigate these treacherous waters to succeed in her task?’

Lady of First Making
Book 4 The Spinner’s Game

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Tasked to eradicate the snake-demon Neka, shamanic wise-woman Kerrid believes that first she and her friends must regain their divine world from which they were banished. But unable to use the pole she sought in the north, how is she to gain it?

There are holes in the sky; one sits above Black Mother Mountain in Gushan, land of her birth. If she returns there, climbs the mountain… but to gain it she faces three obstacles. Her sister has forbidden her access to Gushan. That same sister is the keeper of the demon Neka in physical snake-form. And that demon is determined to kill everyone she loves. She now has a child. How is she to protect her infant and yet complete her task?

The Spinner’s Sin
Book 5 The Spinner’s Game

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Faced with a flood of refugees, Kerrid leads her people south in search of new land, only to find people are everywhere. The only unoccupied land lies in the grasp of a mysterious Asar known as the Qar of Lohanit with whom she must bargain if she is to complete her plan to regain her divine world and eradicate the snake-demon Neka.

Who is this Qar of Lohanit? What hold has he over her? And what is his connection to the Southern Lord, ally of the demon, whose murderous host is slaughtering the peoples of the eastern lands?

Kerrid must face the consequences of two broken oaths. And if she doesn’t make amends, humanity will die.