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I Blame That Op

The world can go spin The neighbours make whatever their din The vicar commit his endless sin Cos I’m telling you, Jimmy That full frontal lobotomy Was the very end of me Until that op I didn’t have this apathy … Continue reading

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Castor and Pollux, thrown high into the night sphere – hanging around with nothing to do Talented at acquiring more talents – if not with innate abilities then through their trading and dubious dealing Maybe not kings but guardians of … Continue reading

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It was cryptic, the script which lay before me, written in an Elizabethan Secretarial Hand. By the spymaster himself? Could it be? It was well preserved; it must have been the best quality vellum, and first time used, not marred … Continue reading

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The Wizard from the Bosphorus

He was a Turk, a wizard from the Bosphorus His spells, we all agreed, sounded totally monotonous Ponderous, not at all sonorous In a tongue that was to us quite barbarous But alas—alas!—he’d spotted us It seemed the wizard wanted … Continue reading

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Time For An Update

At this turning of the year, I take the opportunity to update you on where I am with my writing. Five books of The Spinner’s Game published 2020 Learning to Fly published 2021 Roots of Rookeri published 2022 And now … Continue reading

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No Blessed Time

It’s a well-known fact That Christmas festivities a family can wreck The sanctimony displayed by a spouse always right Brothers bickering over their patrimony into the night The acrimony of whose gifts are pricier Whose nieces and nephews behaved the … Continue reading

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When Menopause Calls

“I’m hot,” she said and moved away. But away from his heat she was cold. “Come cuddle,” he said, and she returned to his arms. But a few minutes of that and she was too hot and again moved away … Continue reading

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Beware the Teddy Bear

When goodbye you waved Deep into my heart you engraved A pain beyond compare With a message to beware Of fast-typing Teddy Bears 23 words written for Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt: Engrave

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A Judgement Portentous

He had glad news, he did declare And gathered everyone round to hear The jury had agreed Felling trees only fed their greed Was a judgement quite portentous The moment truly momentous 32 words written for Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompts: … Continue reading

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He Vowed

Drenched in the downpour He crouched at the centre of the ancient henge He mate, his partner, his wife bleeding and leaking out her life His teeth clenched, his emotions wrenched, his heart in pain From the wedge that hammered … Continue reading

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