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Exquisitely, Annoyingly, Totally Unanswerable

I don’t suppose the average Joe in the street gives thought to this, far more concerned with football results, rising prices, Climate Change, the increase in positive Covid tests and whether Blundering Boris will fall off a figurative cliff before … Continue reading

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Blood-formed Laces

They fought with guts and guns and taunts of come-on They wiped the field on the defeated faces of human races They patterned them with blood-formed laces The legion from our region 32 words written for Sammi’s Weekend Prompt: Legion

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A Bit of a Slip

Come closer and hush I don’t want to make you blush You know that lady at number ten I heard she went to the beautician’s She went for her ‘tash, her upper lip That’s what she said But somewhere the … Continue reading

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Whatever a Dipsy-Doodle

Kitty Caboodle lived a life that was brutally frugal Fasting five days out of every septuple And on those two days when she’d eat She forsook her favourite apple strudel To feast like a Chinese monk on air-dried noodles (with … Continue reading

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I Packed My Bag

I packed my carrier bag So called for being easily portable And in it I put My Neolithic flint core My Bronze Age Beaker pot My third century Roman toiletries My sixth century stockings My eleventh century book My fourteenth … Continue reading

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This Old Heart

This old heart is not so fit It needs repair Though nothing now will make it tick As it did in former years It has been tormented Has been teased Has sought repose A chance to beat alone and so … Continue reading

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Beware the Red Caps

Just you be on your guard Don’t let your eyes be fooled and starred Mind their every toss and shard They’ll git you when you least expect it Hold you up, turn you around Rummage through your shiny weskit* You … Continue reading

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Bad News

What use a newspaper when the news is grim Better to burn it, make the day less dim Been like this now for years Headlines grimmer than a soul can bear Come on, reporters, you can do better than this … Continue reading

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Slam the Man

It was easy to take stock To list the qualities The abilities The attained training The experience To lay my plans I would not be taken for a fool again I would marshal my weapons And SLAM the man! 39 … Continue reading

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The Alpha Male

My man is resourceful He’s intelligent, tenacious – he stays the course, has a PhD He’s imaginative, the creator of hot plots that feature me His body’s robust, well-formed with thighs that are solid Respected, respectable, nothing about him squalid … Continue reading

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