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According to Scientists…

George opened his eyes with grudged reluctance, disturbed from his Sunday morning slumber by her downstairs. Who was she talking to, all ‘sweetness’ and ‘petals’? Next door’s cat, most likely. He had told her… and here she’d got it in … Continue reading

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The Endless Sea

I stand upon the shore Content the endless sea That kisses my toes Is kissing your toes too 18 words written for Sammi’s Weekend Writing Challenge: Endless

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Behold the Beast

No prediction of the end of the world has ever come true. And there have been more than a few. Predictions of our total annihilation have been overblown. Still we are here… to witness this day. Make your peace with … Continue reading

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The Wooded Hills of Bedfordshire

“Fair maid, I espy a loose thread. May I pull it… to see where it leads?” “And where might it lead?” she asked in feigned innocence. “Through wooded hills to Bedfordshire.” “Where you’ll take me?” she asked with a jostle … Continue reading

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A Merry Fellow

George denied it, of course A merry fellow him, he said, though he seldom did smile He blamed it on his horoscope By which he meant his natal chart, not the daily prediction From the day he read that it … Continue reading

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Grandma’s Feather Bed

Remember Grandma’s feather bed? I remember her feather pillows. Remember her shed in the yard? I remember that’s where she did the plucking. Remember the mess when the cat snuck in? I remember we were the ones to sweep it. … Continue reading

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Rupert, Princeling Bear

Rupert, self-styled Princeling Bear, looked with disdain on the fashionless hordes that these days crowded the bars and clubs, all regimented in their turn-upped jeans and braces, their Number 1 close cuts, their often grubby t-shirts. They had no taste, … Continue reading

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In Alignment

For me, you are the sun To you, I am your moon Saturn binds us by our feet Neptune weaves our fantasies sweet And Mercury keeps us mentally attuned. Syzygy! 30 words written for Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt: Syzygy

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The move was welcome, pulling her out of the depths of hell. And the new place old, built on the ruins of a dissolved priory, was perfect for her. Absolutely right. Until the first night. A presence in the room, … Continue reading

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A Free Spirit, Me

A free spirit he called me That’s what I am Then complained when I gallivanted Out of season, out of time and mind A free spirit, he said me But I cut him to the quick When my gallivanting Stole … Continue reading

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