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Vivid in ’89

Vivid in ‘89That’s a memory that makes a good lineAnd it was a good lineA vivid timeWhen I was yoursAnd you were mineWhen passion ruledAnd we ignored the clock’s chime Ask not for whom the bell tolls Vivid the memory … Continue reading

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Louisa’s Retirement Speech

So many jobs Louisa had had, and each required a different set of skills. In each position she learned something new, many times undertaking fresh training. Yet there was a degree of overlap. By the time Louisa composed her retirement … Continue reading

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Hard Work

I wasn’t sure about answering Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt this week. Since moving, time seems always in short supply and the wordcount is high. Moreover, though I rake through my mind, nothing crops up… unlike the weeds in my new … Continue reading

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Reflections on Moving

If it’s not one thing then it’s anotherI swear I’m at the end of my tetherMoving house is the worst ordealA week with no cooker means no hot mealNo landline connectionReminds me of days before internet service selectionAnd the weather… … Continue reading

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Ursula aka Junior Ursula, well-formed and sleek Sensuously rounded Strong limbed in muscle and bone, coordination finely honed Silken hair glossy black, thick down her back Eyes liquid pools, deep, hot and inviting yet cool Swift and supple, dextrous and … Continue reading

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Ten Years in Holy Orders

Who would suspect him, a monk ten years in holy orders?Although he had already lived 150. His weapon of choice?Not a blade or poison.A chord of increasing volume.Delivered within a Gregorian chant.Crescendo. 37 words written for Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt: … Continue reading

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To Call a Spade a Spade

It was Adam began it. Look around you, said the Lord, at the trees, the flowers, the fruits in this garden. What will you name them? For without a name, you cannot know them. Then the Lord said, look around … Continue reading

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Haunter of the Local Dairy

Mary, haunter of the local dairyWas a lassie to be waryTill, oops, she forgot to open her eyesThen Eerie Mary dies 24 words written for Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt: Eerie

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A Lively Sprite

A lively sprite, she was enchantingErotically tauntingUnmistakeably hauntingWith her gossamer wingsAnd her silken thingsAs she flitted over rivers and streamsAs she rustled the rusty leaves of autumnAs knowingly, flauntingAs painfully wantingAs careless and carefree, lacking cautionAs for a mate she … Continue reading

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Count me in

May the saints bless you, Sammi and hold you safely. Why? Well just look at the word she’s given us! Solitudinarian. I love you, Sammi, for that word is right up my street. Well, not my actual street cos I … Continue reading

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