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Cops and Fiddlers

Professor Angelus Margev, large in his professorial garb, blocked the alley, a beatific look of relief on his line-graved face. But Klukelunnen knew that face, like the husk of a seed, hid something, not sweet and nourishing, but an evil … Continue reading

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Amongst the Leaves. Pink.

Fungi come in many colours: from mushroom-grey to pastel-pink via reds and purples, yellows and greens (though they’re less often seen). Last Monday’s walk began with this in fawnish-yellow … and ended in pink … Ah, aren’t they pretty!

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A Woodland Walk

As Marriots Way leaves the Norfolk village of Attlebridge on its remaining ten miles that culminate at the walls of Norwich, it passes through a pine plantation to one side and a chestnut woods to the other. It’s kick-up leaves … Continue reading

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After Dark

So I arrived home after Monday’s walk with thoughts of a hot coffee, a hot meal, and a warm bath … to utter darkness. Not a glimmer of light. What! A phone call later—oh, it’s a power cut, and the … Continue reading

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Not Another Fungus

This week’s walk, ten miles along Marriots Way, yielded loads of the trooping toadstools. And these little beauties …. I was particularly taken with the colour-combo here, that delicate apricot amongst the fading green (almost blue) of the dying pine. … Continue reading

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Road Racer

Daisy had told him to head for the road she had drawn in red. That at some place along there, at some time between midnight and two a.m. Jason and the Anthropology Geek Dwayne would find him. But that drawing … Continue reading

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Oops! Naughty Nature

There is a smell that pervades the damp woods at this time of year. And those with keen noses are liable to stumble upon one of Nature’s naughty secrets. Though it’s called a ‘stinkhorn’, I don’t find the smell at … Continue reading

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After the rain …

After the rain, the fungi appear. But that’s not the focus of this photo. It’s that myriad of tiny waterdrops. #2018picoftheweek: Liquid As to the mushroom, I almost stood on it, so small and lost in the long grass.

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A Monster Red and Rumbling

Out of the door Klukelunnen dived and dodged to the back of Night-shift Louisa’s squeaky shod feet. No time to punch the air in celebration, he raced down the long narrowness that Daisy had called a corridor. He had rounded … Continue reading

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The Writer’s Fungi?

By popular request, two photos from yesterday’s walk. And as you can see, yesterday the sky rained.  

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