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The North-West Passage

This time of year the sun sets to the northwest which gives perfect alignment with shoreline, waterline and the lines of the mooring-dolphin on Breydon Water. Lines, another title from the list Maria Antonia has given us for #2022picoftheweek

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At Day’s End

Since moving last summer, I have spent so much time around the banks of Breydon Water. But it was such a pleasant evening, the sun tempted me out. So glad I responded. At Day’s End, another title from the list … Continue reading

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Tuesday Treat: From Dawn to Dusk

I live on a spit of land. At the front is the sea. At the back is an estuary. The sea faces east, the estuary west. Here’s some shots taken 3 days apart. Enjoy. Could have shown you more but… … Continue reading

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That Time of Day

Golden Sunset, another title achieved from the list provided for #2021picoftheweek provided by Maria Antonia.

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Breydon Water sits on the border of Norfolk and Suffolk. And as of today, these two counties are in Lockdown. Again. Not alone, but with the rest of East Anglia. So this is likely to become my photographic home for … Continue reading

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Tuesday Treat: The North Side

Hi. Time to don your shades, cos today’s little trip will burn your eyes. I’m taking you to the north side of Breydon Water (Great Yarmouth) to witness the slow descent of the sun. 15:10 pm, we arrive at the … Continue reading

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Tuesday Treat: Mist on the Water

All last Tuesday I’d kept an eye on the weather forecast. Would we have cloud; would we have a good sunset? Two nights before it had been glorious. But how many times can you take photos of a red ball … Continue reading

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Tuesday Treat

I’m giving no commentary to these photos except to say they were taken on 3rd September 2020 when it seems most of East Anglia experienced an amazing sunset. These photos were taken either at Breydon Water or on my way … Continue reading

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