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TT: Flowers and Flutter-bys

Some of the flowers, butterflies and other things seen on our walk 1st August 2022. Inevitably, many of the flowers are garden escapees That’s all for now, Folks. Hope you enjoyed. Next week I might have something totally different for … Continue reading

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Waves Waving

Shots of the sea taken on our walk, 1st August 2022. Enjoy Hope that’s helped to cool you some if, like us, you’re in the midst of a heatwave See Tuesday’s Treat for Flowers and Flutter-bys from this same walk

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An August Walk

1st August, hop on the first bus out of town…to Hemsby, a popular little resort of wooden chalets set in the sand dunes. Idyllic? I’ll let you be the judge. Sun, sea and sand, who could ask for more, and … Continue reading

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The North-West Passage

This time of year the sun sets to the northwest which gives perfect alignment with shoreline, waterline and the lines of the mooring-dolphin on Breydon Water. Lines, another title from the list Maria Antonia has given us for #2022picoftheweek

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The Courtier

Wow! Is this guy the king or is he the king Strutting his stuff in a lazuli ruff Flashing his colours, outshining all others His strident screech with piercing reach Crest held erect In every detail this guy is correct … Continue reading

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CCC196: Exhausted

I tell you, that Zeus, he chased me all over Crete. And the Aegean islands. All through Greece. And Italy. I tell you, I’m exhausted. But he didn’t get me. See that white cow over there? Europa; she didn’t run … Continue reading

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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #196

Here’s how it works: Every Wednesday I post a photo (this week it’s that one above.) You respond with something CREATIVE Here are some suggestions: An answering photo A cartoon A joke A caption An anecdote A short story (flash … Continue reading

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Tuesday Treats: Butterflies and Fungi

Enjoy… Yay!  And… That’s all for now folks. Hope you’ve enjoyed. Next week in the midst of the heat we’re off to the coast

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Monday’s Flowers

An overflow from yesterday’s post…flowers galore Establishing shot (riparian) And edging on arable… Hope you enjoyed this little extra. Tomorrow’s Tuesdays Treats treats us to Butterflies & Fungi!

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Sunday Picture Post: Where the Water Pools

26th July we walk out of Norwich along Marriott’s Way…until we cross the small River Tud. There beside the Tud is where the water pools and the fairies play. Step quietly now, we don’t want to disturb them The Tud… … Continue reading

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