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CCC#74: Tall Towers

The plague hit hard, the population halved in the first year, in the second year halved again. In the third year its source was found. It came from the ground, present in patches of contaminated soil. Attempts to lift, remove … Continue reading

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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #74

Welcome to my weekly challenge—open to all—just for FUN, FUN, FUN Here’s how it works: Every Wednesday I post a photo (this week it’s that one above.) You respond with something CREATIVE Here are some suggestions: An answering photo A … Continue reading

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My Turn to Turn, Turn, Turn

Last Tuesday I set a challenge. To find us a sing-along song to keep up our spirits during this current crisis. As an example, I posted WWI’s Greatest Hit, Pack Up Your Troubles. There were fewer suggestions than I had … Continue reading

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Grandma’s Wedding Cake

Ellie tore the vines and grasses from the chest, opened it and dug deep to the bottom, To pull out a small package, wrapped in a plane leaf, darkly brittle. Black, the cube of hard pudding. Yellow, the icing, leached … Continue reading

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Sunday Picture Post: Early Purple

Dead nettles are amongst the first of the wayside flowers to burst into colour. Here they’re nestling amongst a patch of thistle leaves (don’t know which thistle, I think it a garden escapee)

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Not The Final Song

Oops, I got it wrong; yesterday’s wasn’t the final song.

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Sand and Sea

Winter storms make alien sculptures of the beach; every year before the season begins the earth-moving plant is out to flatten it again. Meanwhile, the tide drives the sea to collide with a side-arm of the pier. Movement, another title … Continue reading

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Yep, I Found Me Another

No taking your partners, just sing along with a fah-lah-lah!  

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Another New Twist to Another Old Song


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CCC73: In a Dell

beside a stream, within dream beside a track, that fell from a back in a dell, fed by a green well in a cot, that no hands got covered and buried, by a shrub darkly berried guarded and railed, by … Continue reading

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