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Tuesday Treats: Early Spring Opening

Some of the delights seen on our walk 1st March… enjoy And finally, the remains of last year… Hope you enjoyed! More spring flowers next week

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Sunday Picture Post: Beneath a Heavy Sky

In like a lion, out like a lamb, so they say of March. Our March came in cold and wet. But on the first day we did manage to get out for a walk…to Burlingham Woods. Seeking colour in the … Continue reading

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Sticky Spring

The horse chestnut’s sticky buds are opening. A sure sign of spring! Green, one of the titles from Maria Antonia’s #2023picofthe week Oh, and I almost forgot… I have a line!

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Message Me

Royal Mail Air-Mail Snail-Mail E-mail Changes seen Since those long-ago days Of pen-pals Worldwide. Now my pen’s put away Used only for cards At Christmas For weddings And birthdays Replaced by DMs And tweets Less to say. 37 words written … Continue reading

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CCC228: Hellabaloo

Hellabaloo has had her day Left, abandoned to decay No longer sailing with the other boats No longer able to stay afloat Hellabaloo, dragged ashore To sail the wavy blue no more

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Crimson’s Creative Challenge # 228

Here’s how it works: Every Wednesday I post a photo (this week it’s that one above.) You respond with something CREATIVE Here are some suggestions: An answering photo A cartoon A joke A caption An anecdote A short story (flash … Continue reading

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Tuesday Treats: Details

Some of the more detailed shots from our walk 20th February 2023. Enjoy And finally, Cladonia… more of a lichen than a fungus… Hope you enjoyed. It was a walk I enjoyed. Always helps when the sun shines!

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Beam Me Aboard

Remember the days When boldly we’d go Where none before us had ventured With Kirk to captain us And Spock as First Officer With Chief Med – now what was his name? McCoy, that’s right, the real one! And Scotty … Continue reading

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Sunday Picture Posts: Leaving the Lakes

Lound Lakes, 20th February 2023, Part 2 Last week we left the walk as we skid and rumble down the stony path and onto the road. We pick up the walk from there. The road runs between two lakes. But … Continue reading

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Flowers, one of the titles from Maria Antonia’s #2023picofthe week I loved this as I passed it along a village street. Couldn’t resist the photo. But for the privacy of the owner, I’ve blanked out the registration number.

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