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Set in the between-time, when hunter-gatherers turned to settled agriculture, when spirits and demons morphed to gods, the five books of The Spinner’s Game takes the story of Kerrid, wise woman, shaman, across continents and weaves through ages fraught with floods and droughts to become the prototype of our most ancient myths.

Stop Press

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A hunt through history to find a man; a frantic flight to fix a dragon

Medievalist Neve is delighted to find herself surrounded by swirling colours and foot-stomping music in Regin-jarl’s mead hall… even if her presence is dependent on the memories of a banished angel.

Prompted by the angel to find the truth of her grandfather, locked in a cage to be food for vampiric grimmen, trapped beneath a dragon… life isn’t fun for Neve… though she does like the music!

Crispina Kemp the person


A student of the inner lands

of human givens and of the past

my writing reflects the treasures I’ve found there.

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