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Asaric Tales e-book Update #6

As promised, my monthly update. And, with a shock, I realise it’s now six months since I started this project. Am I any closer to seeing it realised? Yep, ish. Asaric Lies: Beta-Readers and Critique I have now received all … Continue reading

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Beyond a Back-Lit Fringe

The Black Poplar is so named for its ‘black’ bark. Well, this specimen might show black bark, but that’s only because it is back-lit. The leaves too look black, though a closer inspection will show them as rusty-red, as if the … Continue reading

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Slipping, Slipping. Dead

John’s girlfriend dumps him. Gutted, he wants to die. Going homing on his motorbike with rain on the road on a hot summer’s night, he weaves in and out of the long run of traffic. A car coming towards him, … Continue reading

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In A Modern Light

Norwich Cathedral, architecturally a mix of Romanesque and Gothic styles, features stained glass windows from every period. The one below is of modern abstract design. And now to decide which of the 52 subjects in the #2018picoftheweek Challenge to place … Continue reading

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Time, Time, racing past, I want my life to last, to last. Time, O Time, slow for me, Let my life be hurry-free, I want to spend some time with me. Time, Time, where did you go? You were too … Continue reading

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Pretty, By The Way

Persistent mist kept me in all week. So my entry for the #2018picoftheweek comes from the previous week’s country crawl. It’s one of my favourite wayside flowers. But too often by the time my camera finds it, the birds have beaten … Continue reading

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Druidic Gold

Of course, we all know mistletoe was sacred to Druids. But if, like me, you’re thinking of that green stuff we hang in strategic places at Yuletide, you might be mistaken. I came across this on Thursday (5th April) Amazing, that one … Continue reading

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Calm Comes the Day

A poetic title for my photo in this week’s 2018picoftheweek #2018picoftheweek Challenge

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Inspiration Called Today

For my fellow Plot Bunnies at Camp NaNoWriMo Inspiration called today. You were not here, You’d gone away, Gone away to distant isles Where inspiration hangs on trees And you can pluck it from the breeze. Inspiration called today You … Continue reading

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Asaric Tales e-book Update #5

End of the month, time for an update. And, oh, what a lot I’ve learned this month. Prime of which is that this project is going to take an aeon longer than first I’d thought. But, to work through this … Continue reading

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