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Life Returns

The day was dull, not much sign of life, even the wildfowl were scarce. But…the catkins were out!!! Celebrate Life, the first title from Maria Antonia’s #2023picofthe week

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Wittily Written

The coarse angler slipped on the muddy bank and took a dunking in the river. There, I’ve done it. But Sammi wants us to write 78 words. Using dunk? Using dunk. Humph. So, Tessa the new do-it-all secretary took her … Continue reading

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Tuesday Treats: The First Autumnal Breath

September, and the spiders are busy spinning webs that catch the misty droplets. And fungi begin to appear… Enjoy It was the tree, not me, who dropped that leaf! That’s all for now, Folks. Hope you enjoyed these first signs … Continue reading

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Protected: A Silver Thread

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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What a Coincidence

What a coincidence that Sammi should set us this word for the prompt this week. Why, only last week my brother said to me, “Crisp, you’re good with long words, aren’t you?” “If you say,” I said. “I don’t think … Continue reading

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Roots of Rookeri Review — Lauren Willmore

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Rating: 5 out of 5. Check out Crispina Kemp’s latest masterpiece, Roots of Rookeri, available to purchase on Amazon as of now! Do it! A Key, a Tree, a Prophecy The Cast:Booderas Rookeri-Sharmin – better known as Boody, playwright, poet, … Continue reading

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Yellow Sausage, You’ll Do

As a young child I had difficulty articulating words… until I started school and had speech therapy. It was hard work and annoying for a child of five who would rather be outside playing with friends. Three words/phrases I remember … Continue reading

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My Dad’s Word Plays

My father loved to play with words – a trait which I’ve inherited. Two of his word plays I remember most clearly. He would say, The tortoise taught us what to do. But he’d say it with his mouth pulled … Continue reading

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Sunday Picture Post: Winter Dunes

20th December: it took us 2 buses to reach Kessingland beach where the dunes stretch into the distance in mimic of the Gobi desert. Here the marram, so green in the summer, had bleached almost to white. The challenge was … Continue reading

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CCC126: Primmy Primrose

Crimson’s Creative Challenge Primmy Primrose, prim and properWon’t look up till a new Spring calls herCalls with balmy sun and melting snowWith whispered winds that gently blowNo torn leaves and tattered petalsFor Primmy Primrose is too precious

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