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Blindly Into A Cave

Hean has brought Mideer to the island of Macara. Something to do with ‘unwrapping’, to fit her for the prophecy she is to fulfill to unite the three lands, but more he won’t tell her. But after the headman’s incomprehensible … Continue reading

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Mideer is to go to the tropical island of Macara, home of the reputedly savage Macaran hunters—and how did her tutor Hean slip that past the king and Assembly? And why there: what is it about Macara that’s essential in … Continue reading

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Rooting Around . . . or Trees #2

When I was a child (in age as well as in mind), I used to believe that fairies lived in beech trees, and gnomes lived in these moss-covered mounds (it’s actually a woodbank anciently raised to define a lord’s estate). … Continue reading

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The Prophecy

According to Hean with every encounter, be it with family, friend or enemy, or even a chance encounter along the way, we each of us gather about us another wrapping. According to Hean these wrappings fall away at the end … Continue reading

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I Cannot See

a poem by Fakhr-al-Din Ibrahīm Iraqi Save love of thee a soul in me I cannot see, I cannot see; An object for my love save thee I cannot see, I cannot see. Repose or patience in my mind I cannot … Continue reading

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What Lies Beyond

What lies beyond— What my eyes can see What my ears can hear What my nose can smell What my tongue can taste What my skin can feel: What lies beyond? Is it real?

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In Days Of Old . . .

In days of old when knights were bold And a daughter’s love by her father was sold A suitor’s rejection caused a change of direction To a distant city there to curl in self pity Slowly the years pass him … Continue reading

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