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This Sedative for the Soul

I was asleep when you crept in You woke me, body, heart and soul Awakened, aroused, enlivened You whetted appetites from long ago Appetites I didn’t want This couldn’t be, this was fantasy You scared me, go away and let … Continue reading

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Rupert, Princeling Bear

Rupert, self-styled Princeling Bear, looked with disdain on the fashionless hordes that these days crowded the bars and clubs, all regimented in their turn-upped jeans and braces, their Number 1 close cuts, their often grubby t-shirts. They had no taste, … Continue reading

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Our Self-Induced Illusions

I might have taken to penning romance, but here’s my answer to those who seek to see a transformation What lies delight us How eager to believe our self-induced illusions That here is love and here is truth And here … Continue reading

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A Free Spirit, Me

A free spirit he called me That’s what I am Then complained when I gallivanted Out of season, out of time and mind A free spirit, he said me But I cut him to the quick When my gallivanting Stole … Continue reading

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Lap Up That Pain

Lap up that pain That feeling mightn’t come again You might find numbness follows Fear inures you to another Armour, thickened skin, self-protection Grown and honed to impenetrable perfection Lap up that pain You might not ever feel again To … Continue reading

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About a month ago Entangle Designs challenged me to write a romantic poem. I don’t do romantic stuff, I said. And then delivered my poem on time. Well, seems I’ve caught the bug, cos here’s another… To wait on you, … Continue reading

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I Cast My Net and Look What I Caught

With the publication of The Spinner’s Game back in March, I decided to kick-start my Twitter account (@crispinakemp1) which I started in 2018 and had promptly abandoned. To raise my profile (as they say) my activity has mostly been by … Continue reading

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The Gentry Game

Originally posted April 2013 on my dedicated History Blog (no longer running), I thought it might be of interest to those who delve into historical fiction, only to find themselves… bemused. Unable to keep it politely brief, I have tried … Continue reading

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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #79

Welcome to my weekly challenge—open to all—just for FUN, FUN, FUN Here’s how it works: Every Wednesday I post a photo (this week it’s that one above.) You respond with something CREATIVE Here are some suggestions: An answering photo A … Continue reading

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This Must Be the Place

Neve did a last-minute check of all things electrical. Then Rat came behind her and powered the computer. She half-heartedly scowled at him. He accessed iTunes and scrolled and selected – oh what a surprise – Talking Heads, This Must … Continue reading

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