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Tuesday Treat: Skies

All photos taken 23rd May 2021 around Breydon Water and Grazing Marshes

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Sunday Picture Post: Early on a Spring Day

Friday 19th March – the day before the vernal equinox – the Met Office forecast suggested I might catch a sunrise But with the sunrise scheduled for 5:59 I needed to be out early Downriver from Haven Bridge; towards Breydon … Continue reading

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Sunday Picture Post: When the Mist Rolls In

Thursday morning the sun dazzled, reflected off the windows opposite, making me feel like a lazy slouch for writing instead putting on shoes and coat and getting out there for a walk. But lunch taken, I succumbed. After all, Met … Continue reading

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Breydon Water exhibits many moods, but only in a gale does it turn you away. The sun Thursday lunchtime drew me out. I’ll leave you to read how it turned to this  [See tomorrow’s post] Not as much as a … Continue reading

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Sunday Picture Post: A Frosty 10-Mile Walk

Saturday 9th January, the day dawns bright. The Met Office claims low wind speeds. Great, a good day for a walk. It’s late before I set out but the overnight frost remains thick on the ground With covid lockdown re-enforced, … Continue reading

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Breydon Water sits on the border of Norfolk and Suffolk. And as of today, these two counties are in Lockdown. Again. Not alone, but with the rest of East Anglia. So this is likely to become my photographic home for … Continue reading

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Sunday Picture Post: Sun, Mud and Marsh

Sunday 22nd November my legs cried for a walk. And it was best done locally for the Sunday bus service leaves much desired. And so, again, Great Yarmouth to Burgh Castle, via Breydon Water. I left early with the sun … Continue reading

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Tuesday Treat: The North Side

Hi. Time to don your shades, cos today’s little trip will burn your eyes. I’m taking you to the north side of Breydon Water (Great Yarmouth) to witness the slow descent of the sun. 15:10 pm, we arrive at the … Continue reading

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Tuesday Treat: Mist on the Water

All last Tuesday I’d kept an eye on the weather forecast. Would we have cloud; would we have a good sunset? Two nights before it had been glorious. But how many times can you take photos of a red ball … Continue reading

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The Rosy Blush of Dawn

Up early to walk the 9 miles along Breydon Water from Great Yarmouth to Burgh Castle and back. I wasn’t expecting a notable sunrise and was surprised when I looked back and saw it happening. Meanwhile, in front of me … Continue reading

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