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The Plot

I live between river and sea, potential enough to fulfil Maria’s Antonia’s #2020picoftheweek challenge title of Water. I have folders full of photos of water… placid water, for the refective surfaces fascinate me. But what I liked here was the … Continue reading

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Harbinger of Spring

I was out on Wednesday, a walk alongside the estuary known as Breydon Water. As you can see, the tide was high. And look what I saw… And… Which was enough to make me think Spring is on its way! … Continue reading

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Sunday Post Extra: After the Rain

The totally bizarre effect of sunshine after the rain on a mudflat, the tide rapidly ebbing. The interesting thing is how much the mud is greening this year, something I didn’t notice at the time of taking the photo. I … Continue reading

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A Liminal Time

Where land becomes sea; when day becomes night; when the tide rests at its height: these are liminal times and liminal places where the veil that hides the Other-World becomes a permeable thing and allows the magic to slip through. … Continue reading

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Light on the Water

Some days when I take the camera out the light falls just right for capturing the finer details on close-ups of plants. Other times the brush needs to be broader … The sun had been up for about four hours … Continue reading

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An Apprentice Ship

So I left the house at quarter-to-eight, turned right into the row (that’s a very narrow lane to you, speciality of Gt Yarmouth), to meet up with my daughter who was waiting for me on the farside of the river … Continue reading

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Beside the . . . Sea?

Living on the coast, it’s easy for me to walk down to the beach on these hot July days. Yet I don’t. I prefer to be out of the noise—the babies crying, kids yelling and screaming, parents shouting, amusement arcades … Continue reading

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The weather forecast gave a midday temperature of 11° C, cloudy, wind NW 4 mph gusting to 6. Lo! What a miserable day considering this is now the middle of May. Yet it was the day I’d been waiting for … Continue reading

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A Walk Along Water

Destination Burgh Castle 8:45 Set out. I had spent the previous evening debating how I was to do this. Should I bus out and walk back? If so, should I walk back along Breydon Wall—which can be monotonous, especially when … Continue reading

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