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Behind the Garden Shed

I knew a family of imps when I was a kid Lived behind the garden shed My folks never saw them Cos whenever they looked the imps promptly hid I’d talk to them often though they’d rather play Games vicious … Continue reading

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General Genres on the Menu

I am an avid reader I eat books as another eats a feast Though wary I am of the English Bard His Complete Works is a beast On Christyesque Whodunnits I like to snack Thrillers and Political Espionage might fill … Continue reading

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Deep in a Hole

Deep in a hole beneath the ground lived something unusual that made not a sound. What was it, what was it, tell me quick. Was it a snake? A goffer? A troll? A stone? Nah, none of these things, my … Continue reading

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CCC#56: Golden Lure

Eagle landing on a pole, Locus bright Talons caught upon the web turning day to night Eagle’s wing pinioned on a lyre Vega was the ancient gyre Remembered now, a star alone Alas, the eagle turned to stone Ivy tangles … Continue reading

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CCC51: The Wicker Spider

On Halloween Night the wicker spider weaves… a sticky web to catch the spirits on the breeze: Wicked imps and sneaky sprites, malevolent boggarts that give us a fright, streaming through the forest trees, rustling and hissing as they kick … Continue reading

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Which Lights?

Twilight… Two lights. Which lights? This light? That light? Sunlight, moonlight, starlight, lamplight? Searchlight? Limelight, footlight? Nah, headlight, backlight. Paradise by the Dashboard Light. Ghost lights, spectral lights… witch lights? Christmas lights, fairy lights? Candlelight, firelight? Gaslight, flashlight? Ship’s lights? … Continue reading

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Whisper it softly, Echo it loud

Yay, yay, yay, Whispers and Echoes have published another of my poems: Mellow Yellow. Check out this, and other poems and short stories here on their site. Sammi Cox, chief editor of Whispers and Echoes is well-known and loved for Sammi’s … Continue reading

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Leave My Brain

Replace this face with one that’s younger, fresher, not so worn Replace this back with one that’s stronger, not so aching, not so torn Replace this neck with one that’s looser, with traps that aren’t so tight Replace this wrist, … Continue reading

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CCC#48: The Old Red Bridge

No longer does it carry a thoroughfare No more do the horses draw clattering carts here Alas, the ancient bricks now in slow decay The Old Red Bridge has had its day Now tiddlers paddle with their jars Arriving here … Continue reading

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The Raven and the Maiden

The red brick tower where, when the Proddy-men came prodding, once hid the devout green robed maiden; this decaying ivy climbed Elizabethan ruin, instead of the lady’s haven, is now the raven’s 32 words written for Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt

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