CCC97: Fishing

Crimson’s Creative Challenge #97

“What are you after?” I asked as I passed the boy and his mother.

“Bass,” said the boy.

“Mullet,” said the mother.

“What have you caught?” I asked.

“Nothing,” said the mother.

“The mullet won’t bite,” the boy said.

“And why should they?” said the mother. “Would you take from a new source when you’ve plenty of food on your own ground?”

I nodded and walked on.


About crispina kemp

Spinner of Asaric and Mythic tales
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19 Responses to CCC97: Fishing

  1. It’s simple but great, Crispina. Everyone has a lesson to tell, only you need to be willing to listen. I hope they get enough to feed themselves and take to the market though. Life can be tough for fisherfolks like them.


  2. Dale says:

    This photo is so gorgeous, Crispina.
    And I love your little story to go with!

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  3. Dee | Grammy's Grid says:

    Exactly, why should they?

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  4. Judy says:

    Well as they say that is why they call it Fishing and not Catching!! Nice mood on the pic though.

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  6. They would, because fish aren’t smart.

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