O Yay, a Celebration

O Yay, O Yay, O Yay, the butterfly has landed!!!

Eight years this week since I started this blog…not bad for someone with a reputation for restlessly flittering.

I have grown to be something other over those years. An (International) author with five books published on Amazon [The Spinner’s Game] with good reviews on Goodreads, and another book [Learning to Fly] due out early next year. I couldn’t have done that without you, my faithful followers. Thus this celebration of my blog is really a celebration of you. I do thank you, most wholeheartedly.

But I owe you an apology too. I’m spending less time on WP, more time with my two Twitter accounts [@crispinakemp1 & @ineebrown51] I regret this, yet it’s needed: books do not sell themselves and when an indie author says “book promotion” they really mean “self-promotion”.

There is another reason for my frequent absences. My health is so improved, my back injury finally sorted, that I can again do distance-walking. Well, 10-milers. And with every walk out I return with 100s of photos, many of which find their way here. But the walks and the photos gobble-up time.

Again, I thank you for staying with me. and thank those who join in with Crimson’s Creative Challenge. And the best I can give you in return is my photos. I do hope they continue to give you enjoyment.

Love you all



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26 Responses to O Yay, a Celebration

  1. aFrankAngle says:

    Cheers to your successes, your improved health, and return to long walks. So … which long walk did you do yesterday? (I recall you give me a choice – along the shore or inland? Roundtrip or one-way but returning by bus?


  2. DiosRaw says:

    Wonderful! Best wishes. ❤

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  3. Dale says:

    You have zero apologies to make, Ms Crispina! Blogging has to be fun and without strict constraints. Frankly, I think you are doing famously. Way better than I and I’ve no excuse!

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  4. Sadje says:

    Congratulations Crispina

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  5. Congratulations. I think it’s about that long for me, too — and definiely worth it. 🙂

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  6. Joy Pixley says:

    Happy eight year blogiversary – how wonderful! And congratulations on all your accomplishments! You are a real success story, and I’m happy to have been along to watch and applaud while you did it. Good luck with all the Twitter self-promotion. It’s not for the faint of heart, I think. And good luck sifting through all those thousands of photos — a happy task, but a long one. And ENJOY your regained health and all the activity that is now opened up to you again. Life is good!

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  7. I’m very glad your health is much improved! That is very good.


  8. Congratulations Crispina, and I’m glad that life is taking you away from here in a good way 🙂


  9. Brian Bixby says:

    Congratulations. Eight years . . . it seems so long ago! We are happy to see you healthy and happy.

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    • Thank you, Brian.
      But I will say it’s come at a cost, I really regret spending so little time on WP. I’m always behind in catching up.

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      • Brian Bixby says:

        Keep in mind that’s a choice YOU get to make. Way back in the beginning, you wanted “one reader” for your writing. That’s not the exact terms of your goals for the blog anymore. So the question now is, what is your goal, or are your goals? And how do they fit into your life? And only THEN can you shape your use of your blog to fit your needs.

        That said, you DO appear to still be having a lot of fun with the blog!


      • I just need to cut down on how many posts I’m reading. I know some people won’t be happy with that but that’s the compromise I must make. Or I don’t go out walking and don’t post the photos. Cos that’s what’s taking my time.


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