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Tis the Season

This year, not everyone can be in the heart of their family or with their friends. Many must spend Christmas alone. And so this is for you, this Christmas Day We’re here in the liminal days: a time when magic … Continue reading

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The Liminal Bird

Alice pulled the wishbone with her brother. “Hey! I get the wish.” She closed her eyes and thought really hard. But what was the point in this blighted nation? “Come on, Alice,” said her brother, “or I’ll make my wish.” “I … Continue reading

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To Babylon…

How many miles to Babylon? Three score miles and ten Can I get there by candlelight? Yes, you can get there by candlelight You can get there and back again [Old English Nursery Rhyme] By Candle Light, another title achieved … Continue reading

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A Song for This Morn

Happy Christmas, one and all. While there are countless songs for this season, secular and religious, this one is sure to have you singing along… a great way to start this day…

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Sunday Fungi: Fly Away

And can we have Christmas without Fly Agaric? But who’s been eating off the *fly*? From the Rhine to the Volga and beyond, the Fly Agaric was long the symbol of Christmas. It is the red of the baubles on … Continue reading

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Crimson’s Christmas Haiku

Christmas star rising Western cults unobliging Cash registers ring With a wish for Christmas Peace to you all.

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The Chap In The (Red) Cap . . . Revisited

Yea, I know what you’re thinking. Chap in the Red Cap: that’s Santa, right? Um, well. Not really. No. The Chap in the Red Cap was an article I posted on ‘crimsonprose’ way back last year. May 25th 2014, to … Continue reading

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What Does It Mean To You?

Wishing all my readers a Chilled out Solstice (And here’s hoping one of your New Year decisions is to continue to follow me!)

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It Was Passover . . .

So, it was the Passover in Jerusalem and the Transcendent Boss, looking on, wore a ponderous frown. “Hey, Boss, what’s up?” asked Gabriel, swiftest of the pneuma-messengers. The Boss slowly harrumphed; he liked to sound sombre. “I’m considering an extension of … Continue reading

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Henry’s First Christmas

At the subtle slip of the key in the lock I whizzed around, clearing the evidence of today’s activities. Henry opened the door from vestibule to living room; I opened the door from the kitchen, the key to the one-time walk-in … Continue reading

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