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Sunday Fungi: Done and Dusted

My chosen title here is obvious. Something has given this fungus and accompanying herbage a thorough dusting. My guess is it’s fungus spores.  

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Sunday Fungi: Cream-Tinted

The paler fungi, especially those that are mushroom-coloured, aren’t the easiest subjects. They catch and reflect too much light. So I was happy with this little cluster came out right.

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Sunday Fungi: Silver Bells and Cockle Shells

When I first took this photo (way back in November 2017) I thought this wonderfully clustered fungus was an Oyster or Oysterling of sorts. But on further delving into books, I’d say its a Cockleshell. But Oyster or Cocklshell, it’s … Continue reading

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Sunday Fungi: Tea with the Elves

A magnificent Scarlet Elf Cup … first time seen, so I’m chuffed. A winter/early spring fruiting fungus, though small it’s easily seen. (Bristly bug thrown in for free!)

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Sunday Fungi: Shades of Green

Not a plate of soggy lettuce, but a bracket fungus host to algae, not an unusual phenomenon especially in woodland.

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Sunday Fungi: Ruby Carbuncles

Yes, it is a fungi. I think it could be King Alfred’s Cakes. Except I’d say it’s too pale. But maybe that’s because it’s wet. Fungi tend to change colour when dry. And while I’ve titled the post Ruby Carbuncles, … Continue reading

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Sunday Fungi: Three … Not of a Kind

January isn’t the month for fungi. Yet two years back (2017), the weather being unusually mild, I found these little gems, all in a row. And, as a bonus … these brackets are most often seen as solid-looking colourful fans. … Continue reading

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Sunday Fungi: Con-Textured Skittles

Not sure of the species, but I’m thinking possibly a dapperling. Just get a peep at that textured stipe. Wow. That and the cap, a bit of a giveaway.

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Sunday Fungi: Fungi the Younger

The awfully common Common Puffball in a form less often seen. Young, newborn. It loses its spines as it ages. (I’m sure that reminds me of someone.)

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Sunday Fungi: Purple Helmets

These small, clustering ‘bonnets’ are as much iconic fungi as the totally boring button mushroom of supermarkets and kitchens.  

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