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Sunday Fungi: The Blob

No, not the classic sci-fi movie, but probably the most un-fungus-looking fungus, White Brain (Exidia thuretiana) Well I did promise you a potential alien… πŸ™‚

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Sunday Fungi: Fungal Art

I don’t claim to identify this fungus with utter confidence, but I’d hazard a guess at the Hairy Curtain Crust. No, I’m not kidding; that is its name. As with the other curtains and resupinate crusts, it becomes particularly visible … Continue reading

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Sunday Fungi: All Puffed Up

I like puffballs. They’re easy to identify. And unlike the wood-eating variety of fungi, they tend to cluster in grassy places… where they’re easy to see!

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Sunday Fungi: In His Cups

Can’t help thinking of the Maid of Hearts… πŸ™‚ but inadvisable to eat. And, you might note, it was a very wet day! The interior of this cup-shaped fungus isΒ  described in the field guides as dark brown. But herem … Continue reading

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Sunday Fungi: The Regenerative Spirit of the Woods

The turn of the year seems an apt time to post this photo, thinking of the Regenerative Spirit of the Year… Apologies to anyone whose sensibilities are offended… but it is a natural phenomenon πŸ™‚  

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Sunday Fungi: Fly Away

And can we have Christmas without Fly Agaric? But who’s been eating off the *fly*? From the Rhine to the Volga and beyond, the Fly Agaric was long the symbol of Christmas. It is the red of the baubles on … Continue reading

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Fibre Caps

At a distance — i.e. while standing close by — these look like any other mushroom-formed fungus. Ah, but when we move in close… Undeniably a fibre cap!

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Sunday Fungi: Jelly Ears

What more need I say? They look like ears, and they feel like jelly. The sun caught these fungi just right. These last throughout the year, but need the rain to *blossom* like this. Otherwise they’re just nobbly brown bits, … Continue reading

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Sunday Fungi: Beneath the Spreading Chestnut Tree

And I bring to you this Sunday… And lo! An undershot too…

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Parasites and Fungi

It took me a while to find a name for this very small fungus. Paecilomyces farinosus… which is parasitic on buried moth pupae. Alternatively,00 it could be a white variant of the yellow stagshorn… though I’d say it’s too small … Continue reading

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