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Sunday Fungi: What’s This?

Not all fungi are mushroom-shaped. Many are brackets. But some also are… this I tend not to frequent pine forests. Which might explain why, in all these years, this is my first encounter with the Yellow Stagshorn, for it likes … Continue reading

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Sunday Fungi: Weeping Widows

And where might one find Weeping Widows? In a graveyard. And that’s where I found these Inkcaps.

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In Amongst the Brambles

It’s the season. It can’t be helped. Let me loose along the green lanes with a camera and I’m bound to find some fungi. Even if they are Hidden. And here’s one that was growing nearby. Photos posted for #2019picoftheweek … Continue reading

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Sunday Fungi: Bloody Brackets

Yes, folks, it’s fungus season, no denying. And what a bumper season it is. Fungi like it warm and damp. And with this being the Sunday before Halloween, I thought this *Beefcake Bracket*, with its dripping blood, would fit the … Continue reading

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Sunday Fungi: Paint it Red

The first of the fungi photos… couldn’t resist it.

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Sunday Fungi: Done and Dusted

My chosen title here is obvious. Something has given this fungus and accompanying herbage a thorough dusting. My guess is it’s fungus spores.  

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Sunday Fungi: Cream-Tinted

The paler fungi, especially those that are mushroom-coloured, aren’t the easiest subjects. They catch and reflect too much light. So I was happy with this little cluster came out right.

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Sunday Fungi: Silver Bells and Cockle Shells

When I first took this photo (way back in November 2017) I thought this wonderfully clustered fungus was an Oyster or Oysterling of sorts. But on further delving into books, I’d say its a Cockleshell. But Oyster or Cocklshell, it’s … Continue reading

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Sunday Fungi: Tea with the Elves

A magnificent Scarlet Elf Cup … first time seen, so I’m chuffed. A winter/early spring fruiting fungus, though small it’s easily seen. (Bristly bug thrown in for free!)

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Sunday Fungi: Shades of Green

Not a plate of soggy lettuce, but a bracket fungus host to algae, not an unusual phenomenon especially in woodland.

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