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Tuesday Treat: Flowers and Fungi of Early September

A combined post of flowers and fungi… So musical, this time of year… (Hip-Hop) Forgive the repetition but this time of year I get obsessed with Rosebay Stealing its colour from my hair! Fading to winter… When bracken turns we … Continue reading

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According to Scientists…

George opened his eyes with grudged reluctance, disturbed from his Sunday morning slumber by her downstairs. Who was she talking to, all ‘sweetness’ and ‘petals’? Next door’s cat, most likely. He had told her… and here she’d got it in … Continue reading

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Sunday Picture Post: At the Third Attempt

We were going to Whitlingham Country Park. Twice we’d said it, and then been rained off. Now it was going to happen. But the day would be hot. Best to get an early bus. Be there and walked around and … Continue reading

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Tuesday Flowers (and fungi)

The flowers I saw on my walk from the wet woodland around River Tas to the farmland as I came into Hempnall These giants cast the little horsetails your find in your garden into the shade. They grow up to … Continue reading

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Sunday Fungi: A Touch of Rococo

Or if you prefer, Late Baroque. And I believe this does conform to “Mushroom” on the majority of paintcharts. And for your edification: Rococo on Wiki

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Sunday Fungi: Ghostly Forms

A typical fairy-cap type of fungus, all pale and mysterious.

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Sunday Fungi: Breaking Free

Oh, the poor birch tree, host to so many fungi. But at least this one has waited for the birch to fall. It’s species? I cannot tell with certainty, but undoubtedly a wood-eater.

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Sunday Fungi: Gardener’s Bane

I doubt there’s a gardener alive who’ll be happy to see this fungus spreading along the branches of fruit bushes and nut trees… If you happen to see it in your garden, I found this link with advice on how … Continue reading

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Sunday Fungi: Tough as Old Logs

Ever wondered what happens to fallen trees; why our woodlands are not piled high with them? They’re eaten – by insects and fungi such as these

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Sunday Fungi: Kept in the Dark

After the fantastical fungi forms of late, I give you a typical mushroom shape. It’s name? So many it could be that I won’t hazard the guess.

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