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Friday Fungi

7th November we returned to the village that had spawned us. Here are two long-established woodlands and a more recent area of woodland pools. Altogether ample fodder for the cameras. Here are a few of the fungi found. Enjoy More … Continue reading

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Friday Fungi

Some of the photos of fungi seen on our walk to Burlingham Woods 31st October. If you’re a fungi-freak like me, then I know you’ll enjoy These represent only half the fungi seen on that walk. I promise I’ll show … Continue reading

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Friday’s Fungi

Hi, plenty of fungi photos for you today, all taken on our walk to Burlingham Woods on 31st October. Enjoy… And this last one, lichen (cos I like lichen!) That’s all for today. But we haven’t yet reached those woods. … Continue reading

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Friday Fungi

Photos from our walk 26th October to, and around, Tyrrells Wood as featured on this week’s Sunday Picture Post. Enjoy… This next one is a slime mould: Jelly Brain Wow, what a lot we got. Hope you enjoyed!

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Friday Fungi

Too complete the fungi collection on 21st October on Mousehold Heath: these… And one that’s not a fungi, but I love lichen… Hope you enjoyed the fungi-fruits of the early season. More next week

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Friday Fungi

Just a few of the fungi found on our walk around Mousehold Heath (Norwich) on 21st October. Enjoy, all you fungi fanatics! Hope you enjoyed. More next week, for these weren’t even half the camera’s harvest of that day

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Friday Fungi

It’s our special Friday Feature. And OH! what a lot we’ve got. Whittling them down to a manageable number wasn’t easy. Hope you approve of the choice. And finally my favourite lichenised fungi, Cladonia Wow, that’s what you call a … Continue reading

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Friday Fungi

A new feature on this blog… while the fungi season lasts. These are photos taken at Whitlingham Country Park, 30th September 2022. Enjoy That’s all for now, folks. Plenty more next week!

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Tuesday Treat: Fungi, Fruits and Nuts

Fungi, fruits, nuts and this… all in autumnal colours Hope you’ve enjoyed. Next week…more fungi. It is the season

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Are We Too Early?

I offer no explanation; those with eyes to see, will see 😉​ Trick or Treat, another title from the list Maria Antonia has given us for #2022picoftheweek

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