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Tuesday Treats: A Show of Colours

Autumn is a riot of colour: leaves, berries, fungi, grasses… here are a few seen on our walk along Boudica’s Way on 10th Nov 2021 That’s all for now folks. Next week, wetlands and beech & birch woods. So, get … Continue reading

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Tuesday Treat: Heathland Fungi

3rd November, Fritton Woods aka Waveney Forest, loads of fungi, too many to show you here. So I’ve selected a few. Enjoy. BTW I only name when I’m sure of the ID (which isn’t often) The next three fungi all … Continue reading

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Tuesday Treat: A Fist (or two) Full of Fungi

A small selection of the fungi we found at Whitlingham on 28th October. I give you the best first.¬†Parrot Wax Cap… yay! so happy to find Jelly Ear… Beefsteak Fungus. I think the deer have nibbled it Dead Man’s Fingers… … Continue reading

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The Birth of Amanita

It is rare to come upon any fungus in the process of erupting, but with the colourful Amanita muscaria, it’s a wondrous sight. And so… See That! Another title achieved from the list provided for #2021picoftheweek provided by Maria Antonia. … Continue reading

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Tuesday Treats: Fungi and Other Things

As we cross the bridge across the Wensum, I see this… Surely a good sign for the day’s fungi-hunt Bracket Fungi are there all year round. But in fungi-season they grow and put on fresh colours… And then there are … Continue reading

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Tuesday Treats: Fabulous Fungi

Yay! That time of year is here. I’m making no attempt to name the fungi (unless it’s obvious); just going to leave you to enjoy them. Please, enjoy them That’s all for now, Folks (it is still early in the … Continue reading

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Tuesday Treats: Changing Seasons

Our walk on 28th Sept was too late for summer flowers but too early for autumnal trees. Yet there were some signs of the changing season. Enjoy… Fruits… Not all of them edible And seeds big… And small… And leaves… … Continue reading

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Tuesday Treat: Butterflies on Flowers

Butterflies are everywhere now, and in the heat they settle on the pollen-rich flowers. They seem to have a preference for purple! Enjoy. And now for something different… And even more different… That’s all folks. Hope you enjoyed

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Tuesday Treat: The Other Bits

Last week’s walk was not so great, the weather against us, no sparkling sun. But there were plenty of signs of new life. And at this early-year that counts for much. You might not think this is new life yet … Continue reading

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Tuesday Treat

December 2nd, we walked from Lowestoft via Gunton Warren, Corton Woods, and Hopton Cliffs to Gorleston (where we watched a ship leave port). Here are some of the flowers and foliage. Variety diminishes as the year slides into winter. But … Continue reading

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