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Sunday Fungi: A Touch of Rococo

Or if you prefer, Late Baroque. And I believe this does conform to “Mushroom” on the majority of paintcharts. And for your edification: Rococo on Wiki

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Sunday Fungi: Ghostly Forms

A typical fairy-cap type of fungus, all pale and mysterious.

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Sunday Fungi: Breaking Free

Oh, the poor birch tree, host to so many fungi. But at least this one has waited for the birch to fall. It’s species? I cannot tell with certainty, but undoubtedly a wood-eater.

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Sunday Fungi: Gardener’s Bane

I doubt there’s a gardener alive who’ll be happy to see this fungus spreading along the branches of fruit bushes and nut trees… If you happen to see it in your garden, I found this link with advice on how … Continue reading

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Sunday Fungi: Tough as Old Logs

Ever wondered what happens to fallen trees; why our woodlands are not piled high with them? They’re eaten – by insects and fungi such as these

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Sunday Fungi: Kept in the Dark

After the fantastical fungi forms of late, I give you a typical mushroom shape. It’s name? So many it could be that I won’t hazard the guess.

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Sunday Fungi: The Blob

No, not the classic sci-fi movie, but probably the most un-fungus-looking fungus, White Brain (Exidia thuretiana) Well I did promise you a potential alien… 🙂

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Sunday Fungi: Fungal Art

I don’t claim to identify this fungus with utter confidence, but I’d hazard a guess at the Hairy Curtain Crust. No, I’m not kidding; that is its name. As with the other curtains and resupinate crusts, it becomes particularly visible … Continue reading

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Sunday Fungi: All Puffed Up

I like puffballs. They’re easy to identify. And unlike the wood-eating variety of fungi, they tend to cluster in grassy places… where they’re easy to see!

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Sunday Fungi: In His Cups

Can’t help thinking of the Maid of Hearts… 🙂 but inadvisable to eat. And, you might note, it was a very wet day! The interior of this cup-shaped fungus is  described in the field guides as dark brown. But herem … Continue reading

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