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My Love for You

My love for you does not accrue interest at any astounding rate Indeed, since your farcical behaviour at last year’s carnival My interest in you is reduced to not even marginal 31 words written for Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt: Marginal

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O Squire of the Shire

O Squire of the Shire You are a liar To set hearts afire With words like a choir You entangle roses in briar sweet You halt and hamper with bemired feet You wrap around with barb-some wire You besmirch, you … Continue reading

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Pride and Prejudice

Answer me, please What did I do? For this isn’t like what I know of you I admit I texted you to take a hike In words more abusive than you’d like But confused, what did this long silence mean? … Continue reading

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Riddle Me Riddles But Do Not Lie

I was happy I was Alone I didn’t need anyone Until that virus caused lockdown What you cannot have, you desperately want I couldn’t have touches And hugs And kisses He knew that He played on it Said the words … Continue reading

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