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Sunday Picture Post: By Fields and Woods

It’s time to venture further afield. Can’t go far, lockdown still holds, but Acle is just across the grazing marshes, less than 20 minutes by bus. We don’t know what we’ll find by way of plants so we click-crazy at … Continue reading

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Sunday Picture Post: Woodland, Heathland, Swamp and Marsh

Monday. 19th October. Early bus out of Great Yarmouth and a walk along a Sandy Lane… … keeping eyes ever keen for fungi… … and the occasional flower in bloom… … and into Fritton Wood, a pine plantation liberally mixed … Continue reading

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Sunday Picture Post: From High to Low

17th September, 7:00 am, caught a bus to Norwich, and another from Norwich to Poringland… which is situated at the second-highest area in Norfolk. From there we walked downhill all the way to the Tas Valley. My eyes were keened … Continue reading

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Sunday Picture Post: Reflections on a Woodland Walk

I interrupt the Fungi Fest, for this week only, to bring you this… cos it was amazing. I went in search of pine trees, for their specific fungi. But the woodland is mixed with deciduous. And on this one DRY … Continue reading

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Sunday Picture Post: Crimson Catkins

The catkins of hazel fall like golden showers in spring; the catkins of willow are popularly known as pussy willow. But what about these? Black Poplar is one of my favourites. Soon the leaves will appear, as fresh and sweet … Continue reading

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Beyond a Back-Lit Fringe

The Black Poplar is so named for its ‘black’ bark. Well, this specimen might show black bark, but that’s only because it is back-lit. The leaves too look black, though a closer inspection will show them as rusty-red, as if the … Continue reading

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Leaving Leaves

The first flush of spring flowers are over (everybody, ‘ahhh’) leaving the wayside decked with leaves . . . .

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Can You Name This Tree?

I found this in a hedgerow, growing to perhaps 15 ft. It was absolutely covered in these tassels. The tassels make me think of the ash tree (see second photo), but the leaves look more like birch, or a field … Continue reading

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Exposed: Naked Limbs, Unclothed Torsos

Winter-thro’-spring, when the trees around us are not so obscured by heavy foliage, that is the ideal time for studying their form. Here are a few photos I’ve taken over the last few months.

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the quick and the dead . . .

New Years Eve, the dead year gone, the new one not yet begun. So I thought the following photos might be apt. Boxing Day, clutching the camera I’ve long promised myself, I toddled off to the local churchyard to discover exactly what … Continue reading

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