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Tuesday Treat: Flowers and Flutters

The flowers of hedgerow, riverside and field, plus a selection of “flyers” encountered on our visit to Coltishall on 15th July 2021 Some common, some rare, some purely delightful… hope you’ve enjoyed. More next week.

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Tuesday Treat: Birds & Bees

The flowers and fauna seen on our walk on 1st June 2021. Enjoy Poppy… One of the many cranesbills… Buttercup… up close and personal… Forget-me-nots… and stinging nettes Pink Campion (which is a hybrid of white & red) Above the … Continue reading

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Sunday Picture Post: Woodland, Cliffs and Safe Haven

Continuing last week’s Sunday Picture Post. On 2nd December (which now seems an age ago) we walked from Lowestoft to Gorleston via Gunton Warren, Corton Woods, Hopton Cliffs and Gorleston Beach. We pick up that walk at Corton Woods… …and … Continue reading

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Sunday Picture Post: By the Coast

Put on your hikers, pack your lunch, and don’t forget plenty of water. We’re gonna go walking the coastal route. We start at the Ravine, North Lowestoft, which takes us down the cliff, to the sea. Foot traffic crosses above … Continue reading

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Sunday Picture Post: Out of Town

Still confined to places reached by foot… yet the sun is bringing out the flowers and the bees… A tiny, tiny flower, often lost to sight by bigger flowers overhanging Meadow Brown butterfly where it ought to be… in a … Continue reading

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Sunday Picture Post: Oxlips and Bishies

Oxlips, the epitome of an Easter Weekend In Norfolk the Ladybird is better known as Bishy Barny Bee. The origin of the name remains disputed. Does it come from Bishop of St Barnabus (though where is this St Barnabus church?) … Continue reading

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She Does Not Weave

She does not weave and neither does she spin… or in more modern words, she doesn’t wear makeup and fancy clothes. Yet her beauty is undeniable. Natural Beauty: one of the titles in #2019picoftheweek challenge. For details see MariaAntonia

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Sunday Picture Post: Reflections on a Woodland Walk

I interrupt the Fungi Fest, for this week only, to bring you this… cos it was amazing. I went in search of pine trees, for their specific fungi. But the woodland is mixed with deciduous. And on this one DRY … Continue reading

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Waterproof Waders

And the title I’ve chosen this week for the #2019picoftheweek challenge is… FEET I swear the swans at Whitlingham enjoy having their photos taken. This one patiently posed. But he didn’t realise I was after his feet. For details of … Continue reading

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Sunday Picture Post: An Uncommon Visitor to Town

Time was, the wheatear was commonly seen, at the least around the rural villages. But I hadn’t seen one for… a very long while. So I was somewhat surprised to see this one, perched on Breydon wall, a spit’s distance … Continue reading

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