Sunday Picture Post: Woodland, Heathland, Swamp and Marsh

Monday. 19th October. Early bus out of Great Yarmouth and a walk along a Sandy Lane…

Sandy Lane: 19 Oct 2020

… keeping eyes ever keen for fungi…

Shaggy Parasol: 19 Oct 2020

Shaggy Parasol: 19 Oct 2020

… and the occasional flower in bloom…

Gorse: 19 Oct 2020

19 Oct 2020

Hare’s Foot Inkcap: 19 Oct 2020

… and into Fritton Wood, a pine plantation liberally mixed with native trees…

White-barked birch: 19 Oct 2020

… after recent high winds, pine cones were everywhere…

19 Oct 2020

Couldn’t resist this little vignette, so Christmassy

19 Oct 2020

The heath supports a wide range of fungi, not all of them healthy to eat…

The Sickener: 19 Oct 2020

The Deceiver: 19 Oct 2020

From woodland to heath… to swamp…

19 Oct 2020

… to marsh… and a look back to where the waterlogged soil is killing the trees…

Fritton Marsh: 19 Oct 2020

Between woodland and marsh, there grew a rose…

Rosa rugosa: 19 Oct 2020

19 Oct 2020

I’ve become obsessed with finding a purple fungus. This one is close, but it’s more of a Victorian Mourning Mauve

19 Oct 2020

Wide swathes of the plantation have been cleared with plans to quarry aggregates. I think that idea has not been abandoned. Too many rare species have their habitat here.

19 Oct 2020

19 Oct 2020

And the prize, the fungus-hunter’s treasure…

Fly Agaric: 19 Oct 2020

aka Amanita muscaria:19 Oct 2020

This one with its ‘birth’ veil still attached

19 Oct 2020

It was a fantastic day. These are a small selection of the fungi we found. Perhaps I’ll show you some of the other photos another time. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

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14 Responses to Sunday Picture Post: Woodland, Heathland, Swamp and Marsh

  1. SRIKANTH says:

    Wonderful photography 👍🤝

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dale says:

    These photos are stunning, Crispina. What a great collection!


  3. Fantastic photos, as always, Crispina. The colours are so beautiful 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I was thrilled when I saw my first fly agaric, they really are a prize among fungi, but you have some great specimens here!


  5. EntangleDesigns says:

    Beautiful shots!

    Liked by 1 person

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