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Trees, what do we see in them . . .

Or if you’d rather: Trees, Up Close and Personal . . . Again, I have featured this tree before but it’s such a classic. And in Loony Tunes style: That’s all for now, folks.  

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This Green and Pleasant Land

Since Easter this year there’s scarcely been a week when I haven’t been out in the rurals of Norfolk, phone/camera in hand, clicking obsessively. I share with you some of those photos, the ones that to me epitomise England’s Green … Continue reading

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Rooting Around . . . or Trees #2

When I was a child (in age as well as in mind), I used to believe that fairies lived in beech trees, and gnomes lived in these moss-covered mounds (it’s actually a woodbank anciently raised to define a lord’s estate). … Continue reading

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Trees #1

I like trees. I like taking photos of trees. As I noted in Reflections, trees don’t fly off, or get uppity cos you’re taking too long to compose the shot. Trees . . . ┬ájust are. Here are some of … Continue reading

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