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Tuesday Treats: Changing Seasons

Our walk on 28th Sept was too late for summer flowers but too early for autumnal trees. Yet there were some signs of the changing season. Enjoy… Fruits… Not all of them edible And seeds big… And small… And leaves… … Continue reading

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Tuesday Treat: Dune Communities

Kessingland on Suffolk coast has an extensive and unusual dune system back by crumbling cliffs. Fed by water draining from those cliffs, there is a water hole (Crazy Mary’s). These are some of the plants we found there… That’s all … Continue reading

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Tuesday Treats: That Time of Year

I could fill this post with photos of red, black and purple berries. Instead… this Hope you enjoyed. Next week we’re on the beach… and you’re thinking it’s all sand and stones. No, we found a fantastic dune community. See … Continue reading

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Tuesday Treat: Leaf and Berry, Hip and Hop

No, it’s not a dance and neither a music craze. It’s the approach of autumn. I think we can say that autumn is on it’s way

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Tuesday Treat: Flowers & Flutters

A few of the flowers and butterflies seen on the second part of our walk 27th August. That’s all for now folks. Check out the flower & flutter photos same time next week

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Tuesday Treat: Flowers

27th August we walked from Great Yarmouth to Lowestoft. Here are some of the flowers seen on the way We take a break at Hopton… where I clicked this cormorant Hope you enjoyed. More next week

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Tuesday Treat: Flowers and Flutterbies

The walk from Tunstall to Halvergate and back to Acle Marshes is mostly through arable land, the flowers seen reflect this… And the butterflies… and the first I’ve ever seen and identified and managed a photo… And with a return … Continue reading

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Tuesday Treat: Marshland Flowers

Flowers seen on our walk of 10th August. Enjoy. Growing beside the village pond, the figwort makes a satisfactory break in this walk. More next week. Hope you enjoyed.  

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Tuesday Treat: Butterflies on Flowers

Butterflies are everywhere now, and in the heat they settle on the pollen-rich flowers. They seem to have a preference for purple! Enjoy. And now for something different… And even more different… That’s all folks. Hope you enjoyed

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Tuesday Treats: More Flutters Than Flowers

Butterflies, Bees… and of course, Flowers as seen on walk from Weston to Ringland 29th July 2021. That’s all folks… for today

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