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Sunday Picture Post: By Fields and Woods

It’s time to venture further afield. Can’t go far, lockdown still holds, but Acle is just across the grazing marshes, less than 20 minutes by bus. We don’t know what we’ll find by way of plants so we click-crazy at … Continue reading

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Sunday Picture Post: A Windy Day at the Beach

If I walk from mine to the end of Gorleston promenade and back, that’s a 10-miler. Forecast is showers, becoming heavy in the afternoon. And high winds gusting yet stronger. But what the hell, I’ve been held in by the … Continue reading

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Sunday Picture Post: Memories of a Warmer Day

I’m not usually a weather-wimp but high winds coupled with sub-zero temperatures… ain’t no fun walking beach nor marsh.  And so this dive into the archives. 14th February 2017 and the sun shines and the air is warm and I … Continue reading

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Sunday Picture Post: A Frosty 10-Mile Walk

Saturday 9th January, the day dawns bright. The Met Office claims low wind speeds. Great, a good day for a walk. It’s late before I set out but the overnight frost remains thick on the ground With covid lockdown re-enforced, … Continue reading

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Sunday Picture Post: New Year’s Blues

With no desire to bring you down, yet our walk from Great Yarmouth to Gorleston beach was mostly undertaken in blue light. There was a heavy fog. Temperatures below freezing. But in the early dawn, it was wondrously quiet!!! We … Continue reading

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Sunday Picture Post: Sand, Sea and Seals

December 17th. Early. We arrive at the prom just after 07:00 am. Sunrise will be 08:00 am. At first, it looks like we won’t see much as a thick sea mist begins to rise Britannia Pier in the early light … Continue reading

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Sunday Picture Post: Woodland, Cliffs and Safe Haven

Continuing last week’s Sunday Picture Post. On 2nd December (which now seems an age ago) we walked from Lowestoft to Gorleston via Gunton Warren, Corton Woods, Hopton Cliffs and Gorleston Beach. We pick up that walk at Corton Woods… …and … Continue reading

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Sunday Picture Post: Sun, Mud and Marsh

Sunday 22nd November my legs cried for a walk. And it was best done locally for the Sunday bus service leaves much desired. And so, again, Great Yarmouth to Burgh Castle, via Breydon Water. I left early with the sun … Continue reading

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Sunday Picture Post: Not Such a Dry Day

Despite a spate of wet days, Monday 9th November was to remain dry (according to the Met Office. Met Office lied!) We bused to Acle on the far side of the grazing marshes where the land starts to rise. The … Continue reading

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Tuesday Treat: Berries and Foliage

Photos of Foliage and Berries taken on my walk to Ringland Hills (28 Oct 2020) And you can’t have holly without… And for colour… For me, it isn’t properly autumn until the beech turns The alder already bears next spring’s … Continue reading

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