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On the Rising Banks of Wensum Valley

Norfolk is notoriously flat. But we do have rivers and some, especially those rising in the centre of the county, do have noticeable valleys. The Wensum is one such river. Run For The Hills, one of the titles from Maria … Continue reading

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Sunday Picture Post: A Frosty Walk cont.

We continue our frosty walk on 14th December. We began at Thorpe Marriot with a woodland and a frozen pond, and we walked along Marriott’s Way, beside the River Wensum, to Costessey…where there’s more woodland and more frozen ponds. Enjoy … Continue reading

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Sunday Picture Post: Wending Along the Wensum

In case you’ve missed the news, we here in England have had a heatwave. I know it’s not been a patch on temperatures elsewhere, but we’re Brits and we’re not used to it. Worse, some people (me) have medical reasons … Continue reading

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Green Hills and Vales

April 22nd. The day arrives for our annual return to our childhood home, to the woods where I played Robin Hood and Sir Ivanhoe, where I learned the names of wild flowers. And from the woods a walk along Marriotts … Continue reading

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Who’s for a Paddle?

Last Thursday … what a walk. For of the season, legs seemed not to be mine, though they finally got the hang of it. Meanwhile, the photo ops leapt out from all directions. In Norfolk a creek is a short stream … Continue reading

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Multi-car Pile-up

Not my usual subject when out with the camera, but these cars awaiting scrapage called loudly to me. #2018picoftheweek: Transport

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In Awkward Places

I have posted a photo featuring graffiti for the #2018picoftheweek challenge before. Then it was on a stand-alone wall, in woodland. This time we’re under a bridge. #2018picoftheweek title: Symmetry. But what boggles my mind is how the artist accessed … Continue reading

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Down Below

Down below the water, beneath the bridge where once was a ford, the chalky bedrock glows. #2018picoftheweek: Looking Down The view is deceptive; the bridge is at least 10′ above the water; the water here is 4′ deep.

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All That Sparkles

The photo was taken looking down from a bridge over the River Wensum, on the outskirts of Norwich, with a faster shutter speed than I’d usually use (the bridge parapet served as tripod), and I managed to capture the sparkles. … Continue reading

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Water. Everywhere

After the snow came the flood. Okay, so I exaggerate; it wasn’t that bad. Yet walking the Wensum Valley on Tuesday all I could see of the lower meadows were the protruding hedges and the tufts of the taller grass-hummocks. … Continue reading

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