Not Another Fungus

This week’s walk, ten miles along Marriots Way, yielded loads of the trooping toadstools. And these little beauties ….

Funnel Fungi

A family of fungi raise their funnels through pine loppings : 22 Oct 2018

I was particularly taken with the colour-combo here, that delicate apricot amongst the fading green (almost blue) of the dying pine.

And then there was this. The one, the only one (lo, where have they all gone?) …

fly agaric

A fly agaric pushes its head through the compacted grit of the wayside bank: 22 October 2018

In previous years this stretch of Marriots Way has been totally speckled with these bright and poisonous hallucigenic red-caps. I put their scarcity down to the weather.

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11 Responses to Not Another Fungus

  1. I love that little red and white mushroom!

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  2. Joy Pixley says:

    You weren’t kidding when you said you’d be posting more mushrooms, hooray! That red cap is bizarre — it looks like it shouldn’t be real, but it is. It is definitely advertising its warning very effectively, how fascinating!

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