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The Pick of Pics

Being a review of (almost) one year of #2018picoftheweek challenge … FYI, the challenge, set by Maria at ofmariaantonia (originally just for herself but she allowed me to join in) was simple: every Saturday to post a photo to match a Title … Continue reading

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Moody Hemlock

I have a liking for the umbellifers as subjects for my camera. Something of their structure … appeals. This one is the notorious hemlock, sickener (killer?) of reckless boys who cut the hollow stalks to make pea-shooters of them. This … Continue reading

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Little Beads of Winter

It’s rare for the typical snow-scene to happen along the east coast of Norfolk, though it happens plenty inland. So rather than wait … #2018picoftheweek: Winter

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Pigs in Muck

Year’s end approaching, I’m left with titles not so easy to fill. So you’ll forgive me if this one isn’t so obvious. As my dear old mum used to say: They’re happy as pigs in muck. #2018picoftheweek challenge: Happiness Don’t … Continue reading

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Against the Deep Shadows

Say “shadow” and we usually think of the shadow thrown by a standing object or person, as if shadow and object are one. Yet shadows are simply a lack of light, like where the sun don’t shine. Not sure of … Continue reading

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Stoned and Hammered

With so few titles left in our #2018picoftheweek challenge, finding photos to fit truly has become a challenge. But, at least for this week, I think I’ve snapped it. This jeweller’s shop window caught my eye as I was walking … Continue reading

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A Bridge Too Far

One of my favourite walks is along Marriott Way. A former railway, it sidles along sidings, ramps above the looping Wensum valley, and ducks beneath innumerable road-bridges. This  (apparently) is bridge number 262. I believe Bridge No 262 qualifies for … Continue reading

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With the City Spread Before Me

So, I thought, for this week’s #2018picoftheweek why not take a piccy of the city … To the left is Norwich castle built by the invading Normans. The church beside it (moving to right-ward) is St Peter Mancroft, founded by … Continue reading

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The Lazy Ladies’ Field Trip

That’s right, my loves, take the weight off your feet. Must be awful, standing all day in that field. I think you’ll agree, this photo qualifies for the #2018picoftheweek title, Relaxation  

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Once Upon A Brittle Stem

Last Monday I went for a walk … into Fairy Land. All along the side of the path … it must have continued for as much as mile … these fairy trees. I’m not sure which of the brittlestem species … Continue reading

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