Asaric Tales e-book update #11

Asaric Tales update11

Another month over. But am I another step nearer to e-publication? Yes. And no.

Asaric Axis (Asaric Tales Book Two)

At last I can say that all comments are in from the beta readers and critiquers. I have read them, considered them, and made a list headed To Amend. The main amendment … no, best call that a rewrite … concerns the Uissids’ dreams. Dreams are notoriously difficult to handle. And when you have nine characters in different combinations dreaming, that is a recipe for confusion. I’ve lost count of the number of rewrites to this section. What I offered my readers was my best attempt to date. Generally, they were able to understand the dreams and, with Kerrid’s help, understand their symbolism. But there were comments that the dream and exposition passages wore on (and on). And yes, I was aware of it but didn’t yet know how to change them. For that I must thank Lauren, my critique partner. She’s a brilliant ideas person. I looked at her idea, at how I could incorporate it; would it work? The result won’t be quite how she’d thought it, but I do thank her tons for it.

But the amendment and rewrite to Asaric Axis must wait at least another month.

Asaric Skies (Asaric Tales Book Three)

The revision of Asaric Skies is taking longer than anticipated. Too many distractions, I’ve been unable to devote much time to it. Still, I’m now about two-thirds the way through. My main concern here is to whittle away at the wordcount by the savage excision of unneeded material. Oh, my babies, I cry!

I hope to have the process complete in time for the next update. At which point I’ll again put out the call for beta-readers.

And while Book Three, Asaric Skies, goes through the beta-read process, I’ll return to Book Two, Asaric Axis, for what I hope will be the final amendments.

Meantime, I’d like to thank all those who have offered to read these books and to comment, and by those comments to support and encourage me. Their input is invaluable.

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8 Responses to Asaric Tales e-book update #11

  1. Lynn Love says:

    What scares me about the beta reading process is the thought that a book I’m hoping is mainly finished is going to need a big rewrite – it’s taken me too long already and if I had to rewrite massive chunks of it again …
    Well done for keeping on keeping on Crispina.

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    • crimsonprose says:

      But never forget you’re in control. Unless all or a major part of your readers are saying, no, this doesn’t work, there’s no need to change your work, But I feel if one, say of ten, has a problem with a passage, this could represent 10% of your potential market, and therefore might be worth applying a few changes. It can be as simple as inserting a few words. It doesn’t follow it requires a major rewrite.
      I knew before Book Two went out that there was a problem with the dream scenes; a nightmare to handle. Mostly the readers said, yes, they understood, and no, the length wasn’t off-putting. But that wasn’t unanimous, plus I wasn’t happy with it. Lauren made some suggestions. I didn’t have to taken them. And I didn’t need to take them in the form she suggested. But I want to present the best, and so I do need to do something.
      Like I said. it’s your writing, it’s you call, it’s down to you to make changes, or not.

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