The Writer’s Fungi?

By popular request, two photos from yesterday’s walk. And as you can see, yesterday the sky rained.

Inkcap x1

An inkcap, beginning to ‘ink’: photo 15th Oct 2018

Inkcaps x3

Three mucky versions of the above: photo 15th October 2018


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17 Responses to The Writer’s Fungi?

  1. Lynn Love says:

    That first image is just perfection. Do you know if they were used to make ink or just earned their name because of that inky staining round the cap?

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  2. Joy Pixley says:

    Good eye! I had the same question as Lynn about the inkcaps. What an interesting mushroom! I was just listening to an interview on the radio with someone who makes inks out of found substances — not just natural but also urban detritus like rusty nails and brick dust. Which of course makes me wonder if maybe you *could* make ink from inkcaps. Hmm…

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