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The Girl with Autumn-Red Hair

Or Miss Perceive, a Story in Three Acts (i) “Stop!” he called. “What?” she asked though she carried on walking. “Stop. Please. Right there.” “Do what?” she asked. “That’s it, love. Great.” “Excuse me?” “I just had to take a photo … Continue reading

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Slipping, Slipping. Dead

John’s girlfriend dumps him. Gutted, he wants to die. Going homing on his motorbike with rain on the road on a hot summer’s night, he weaves in and out of the long run of traffic. A car coming towards him, … Continue reading

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The King’s Beer

Bregan’s cuckold ‘father’ has been blaming the Darkness for his delay in taking Bregan to his sister, the King’s Wife, where she’s to inherit the craft—but when a stranger arrives out of this Darkness everything changes . . . Read on. … Continue reading

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The Librarian

An unusual short story. Distraught, that’s what she was. Distraught at the very sight of this, these wicked piles of utter disorder. What had happened to cause it, this chaos? But whatever it was, it wasn’t her business to worry … Continue reading

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More on Angels

At risk of labouring, I realise I gave no introductory blurb to The Angel in the Park. It just is there. Whack. So, belatedly . . . When I first wrote Angel in the Park it was as the first … Continue reading

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The Angel in the Park

Friday . . . I flew through the door, so excited, waiting to tell Bill of what had happened. I didn’t hang up my jacket but threw it on the bed, dropped down beside it and addressed the floppy eared … Continue reading

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