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CCC 91: The Shadow

The brighter the light The deeper the shadow All artists know this Why then expect our loved ones who shine to have no defects? Why expect them to be through-and-through perfect? Why be shocked or feel betrayed when we discover … Continue reading

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Of Cobblers and Glovers

To love To feel that sweetest of emotions To give To be enfolded, warm as in a fleece To ache in want of you To open, to let you in That you might know me true To receive… Pain. Better … Continue reading

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This Kiss

Mindless of the pressing chores The waiting floors, the empty stores She strolled along a dream-cast road And watched a leather-sided toad. With a tug at her dirty work-stained frock She sat beside him on a river rock. He looked … Continue reading

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The Turn of the Year

Come join our hands Come touch the sky Come dance the dance And thread the stones Rejoice this day The sun stands high For on the morrow she cannot stay Her southern lover draws her away

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If I Open the Door

Love called for me today I ducked my head Said go away I do not want To feel these things The doubts, the fears That love will bring I had built a wall Had hemmed me in And learned to … Continue reading

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Through Sleep’s Fragile Film

In her bed yet in her head In her sleep, no place to keep Creeping through sleep’s fragile film In a dream, through veils unseen Into a world that is not ours Where five minutes lived might yet be hours … Continue reading

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What Pegman Saw: High on Her Mid-Summer Feast-Day

See the Pole, how it’s rooted in soil… See how it stretches high See the Wheel rotating upon it… See how it turns the sky See the Eagle with wings outspread… See the Earth sheltering beneath it See the Court … Continue reading

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What Pegman Saw: They Came to Trade

They came to trade, they stayed to rule, They came with strange weapons and their tools; They claimed the protection of their god And believed that we’d be overawed. They took our food, they took our land, They broke us, … Continue reading

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They Misunderstood

Careless, they accused. But they misunderstood. Not careless, said I, and defiant, stood. Carefree. Written for Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt 14 words: Carefree  

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This Eden in the East

Far out to sea beneath the heavy swell There is a land the ancients trod, so I hear tell. Their way of life we cannot know, What they ate, what plants did grow; They fished, of that no doubts I’ve … Continue reading

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