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What Pegman Saw: Conquered

Upon first contact in BCE 58 the local tribes accepted Rome’s outstretched hand. By BCE 56 they had realised its reality. The Coriosolitae, Veneti, Osismi and Namnetes, the Esuvii, Lexovii, Ambiliati and Diablintes, joined with the more distant Morini and … Continue reading

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In Athens

In Athens the citizens gathered at the ecclesia to discuss and agree a solution to the increasing problem of their laws. Passed by word of mouth and laced with blood feuds, impossible to track and to apply with justice. Word … Continue reading

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What Pegman Saw: Wishy’s Treasure

Mist-veiled, Wishy sat on the rock and sobbed. Look what they’re doing! Robbing her of her sacred gifts. Who are these men anyway, grubbing around in her lake now the water level’s down? Didn’t they know the curses they brought … Continue reading

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Decayed Technology

Time was, a windmill was the last word in technology. Every village and town must have at least one. Wind-driven, it could be sited away from the rivers. It wouldn’t get flooded when the winter snows melted. This was, after … Continue reading

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What Pegman Saw: The Word of Grandfather-God

“Your Excellency.” Padre Bartolomé bowed his head and waited, a flick of his hand to the lad behind him, Bori-Damaso. Diego Velázquez de Cuéllar looked up from the papers cluttering his makeshift desk. Padre Bartolomé took that as permission to … Continue reading

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What Pegman Saw: This Warm Place

This Tiflis, this Thilisi; this warm place. Where to Tamar once the farmers gave their grain Where Jason, seeking a golden fleece, a wife did gain Where the sacred fires of Zarathustra burned And initiates of the celestial Mithras turned … Continue reading

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Exiled Son of an Exile

Honourless banishment for the father Honourless exile for father’s child too Three years in exile, this son of an exile Remembered always, Erik Thorvaldsson Written for What Pegman Saw

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Freddy the Fourth

The weather being such, I satisfied my need to click with a wander around my room, camera in hand. What had I there photo-worthy? Ah, yes. Freddy the Fourth and his historical books. #2019picoftheweek challenge title: Historical For details of #2019picoftheweek … Continue reading

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Dunwich River

Dunwich, situated at the mouth of the Dunwich River, was chosen, c.630, by Saint Felix, the first bishop of the East Angles, to be his seat. And there the East Anglian bishopric sat until the thriving kingdom was overrun by … Continue reading

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Horse Whispers

The road from Great Yarmouth to Norwich crosses the former ‘Great Estuary’, now better known as the Halvergate marshes. Travelling by bus, I’m free to gaze out the window, to enjoy the serenity of this landscape, dotted with windmills, with … Continue reading

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