Decayed Technology

Long Stratton Mill: 23 March 2019

Time was, a windmill was the last word in technology. Every village and town must have at least one. Wind-driven, it could be sited away from the rivers. It wouldn’t get flooded when the winter snows melted. This was, after all, the Mini Ice Age. And the state of that millstone advertises its long years of use.

I have a choice of two titles for this photo. I’ll go for Decay

For details of #2019picoftheweek challenge see MariaAntonia

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29 Responses to Decayed Technology

  1. An amazing picture! Where did you click it?
    Suspenseful and adventurous… πŸ™‚

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  2. Violet Lentz says:

    You def have a magic eye. And story telling capabilities….

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  3. Wow! Nice shot. It always amazes me how we can find beauty in decay!

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  4. Dale says:

    I agree with Violet!

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  5. Jen Goldie says:

    There’s a poem and story in this one. Great grist for the Mill. Oh! No pun intended. πŸ™‚

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  6. Joy Pixley says:

    Cool shot. The more I learn about water- and wind-powered mills, the more amazed I am that they ever got those things to work in the first place.

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  7. kia723 says:

    It was just yesterday that we had flip phones in our hand! Meanwhile don’t hesitate to check my page out

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