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Dunwich River

Dunwich, situated at the mouth of the Dunwich River, was chosen, c.630, by Saint Felix, the first bishop of the East Angles, to be his seat. And there the East Anglian bishopric sat until the thriving kingdom was overrun by … Continue reading

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Horse Whispers

The road from Great Yarmouth to Norwich crosses the former ‘Great Estuary’, now better known as the Halvergate marshes. Travelling by bus, I’m free to gaze out the window, to enjoy the serenity of this landscape, dotted with windmills, with … Continue reading

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A Wet Woodland Walk

Or perhaps A Spurious Segue In January 1797 John Hetherington, a London haberdasher, was fined £50 for causing a public nuisance—he was wearing the very first top hat. In public! In February 1797 the very last invasion of Britain began. And … Continue reading

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A Posh Resort

What another walk? For this week’s walk I headed south — which means I had to cross the river. There’s been a bridge over the Yare since 1417. Before then travellers had to rely on a ferry. But it wasn’t … Continue reading

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A Town Of Three Rivers

or Continuing The Good Work (see Mixed Blessings of a Winter Bug) So, yea, last week I managed to walk six miles (see Marriott Way). But that’s nothing compared with the fifteen miles plus that used to be my staple … Continue reading

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Marriott Way

(See Mixed Blessings Of A Winter Bug for why this short—6 miles—walk was for me momentous and groundbreaking—wave the flags, yippee, yeah!) Monday 8th September: Donned trainers, packed by backpack—with a ‘ball-into-nothing type waterproof jacket (despite weather forecast predicted sunny all … Continue reading

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Insy Winsy Bannockburn

Insy Winsy spider climbing up the spout Down came the raindrops and washed poor Insy out. Out came the sunshine and dried up all the rain.  “Na,” said Insy Winsy, “I’m not climbing that thing again.” If the spider watched … Continue reading

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English? Non, il est français

The English language: Is it Angln-ish? Or is it French? Right. Now I’ve grabbed your attention, I’d best explain what I mean by ‘French’. What I don’t mean is all that silver plate and Come on, Sapphire stuff. [s’il vous plaît and comment … Continue reading

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Crimmy and Geoff

Hi there, Iris Einstein here. At last, you say. Yeah, well Crimmy shouldn’t have told you of me till I was ready. And she’s gonna shoot me for this post cos it aint gonna be what she’s expecting. That serves … Continue reading

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Awaiting Ragnarok

Hey! Toli the teller of tall tales here with a story of Anglian origin. Cos I am an Angle, see, not a Saxon. It’s those Normans, they can’t distinguish. They call this land England then call us Saxons, all lumped together. That’s like calling a … Continue reading

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