Reviewing the Reviews

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Did you watch Amazon Prime’s Rings of Power?

No, me neither. But I have seen several reviews on YouTube and…wow!

The reviewers’ major criticism concerns what the writers have done with Galadriel. I understand it though their reason is beyond me: they’ve made her a psychopath. Either that or she is displaying a very high degree of cognitive dissonance.

59 words written for Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt: Cognitive

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10 Responses to Reviewing the Reviews

  1. They say cognitive dissonance can drive you crazy…
    What a unique response to the prompt. So, will you be watching Rings of Power?

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    • I have binge-watched the reviews of Season One… which more or less encompasses it. I’m intrigued to see if the writers can pull it out of the terrible response it has had… but that’s the writer in me 🙂

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  2. Dale says:

    I agree with Deanna; what a unique response to the prompt!! Also, enquiring minds what to know? Do you base your viewing choices on critics or do you eschew what they have to say and watch that which interests you and to which you will come to your own conclusions? 😉

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  3. What an interesting take! Talk about cognizant, I am totally unaware of this show!

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