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Memories. Visits to my grandma’s. Exploring the toy cupboard. Books there since before the war. Toys too. Cars, push and go. Vrrroom, vrrroom, vrrroom. And the monkey drummer, complete with key. How I loved to wind it up and let … Continue reading

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Our Daughter

See there on the heath, she’s sitting Bell-flower jingling, chuckling, giggling See there on the heath, she is spreading Purpling, rusting, adding colour That’s Heather, our daughter 27 words written for Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt: Heather 

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Megalith: noun, singular, from Ancient Greek megas (great) and líthos, (stone). Naturally occurring megaliths are found throughout the world. Alignments of megaliths are less common and clearly the work of human hands. The best-known English examples are at Stonehenge and … Continue reading

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Summer spent in tweeting Chatting, texting, hot-DMing Work outstanding shifted aside A summer of fun I’ll not deny But autumn brings deadlines Reminds me what I’m supposed to be doing Time to work, to rectify 35 words written for Sammi’s … Continue reading

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Through Sleep’s Fragile Film

In her bed yet in her head In her sleep, no place to keep Creeping through sleep’s fragile film In a dream, through veils unseen Into a world that is not ours Where five minutes lived might yet be hours … Continue reading

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Cold Hands, Cold Heart

Glacial – the place you called home Glacial – the love you claimed you bore me Glacial – the heart you said was devoted to me Glacial – the smile you seldom turned on me Glacial – the looks that … Continue reading

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Of Brimstone and Butterflies

‘Oh wow!’ exclaimed the camera-cluttered photographer, ‘how am I ever to capture this?’ With his camera setting changed to “burst”—what more could he do—he followed the mercurial mating dance of the brimstone butterfly. 38 words Written for Sammi’s Weekend Writing … Continue reading

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To Spin, or Not to Spin …

‘Listen,’ Kerrid said. ‘When you spin fibres to make thread, you do the spinning and the fibres are spun.’ ‘Wrong, Wise-Woman.’ Huat shook his head at her. ‘I don’t spin. If I could do spinning, I wouldn’t need you to … Continue reading

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God of the Zodiac

  Who is the god of the Zodiac? Fleet-footed Mercury with his snake-twined caduceus Or the ever-triumphant Sol Invictus? Maybe it’s jovial Jupiter with his far reach? Or hot-headed Mars first into the breach? No, I’ll tell you, you heathens: … Continue reading

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No Denial

Did you love him? Who me? Don’t be ridiculous. Did you send him that letter? Certainly not. I would not. Did you take the photos? Of him and that girl? No, wasn’t me. Did you tamper with his car? And … Continue reading

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