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Megalith: noun, singular, from Ancient Greek megas (great) and lĂ­thos, (stone). Naturally occurring megaliths are found throughout the world. Alignments of megaliths are less common and clearly the work of human hands. The best-known English examples are at Stonehenge and … Continue reading

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A Hundred Walks

No, not 100 walks, but walks across, around and through an English hundred. This is something I began last summer, source of the flower photos I posted (see also The Confusing Case of the Norman Arches), and intend to resume … Continue reading

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Ancient Wheat

The astounding headlines that hit the archaeological press at the end of February this year (2015) would have delighted Julia Cannings of Priory Project. No doubt her jaw would have dropped when she realised that the granaries and traders at … Continue reading

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Iris Einstein Theory Number (Whatever)

Of Dolmens, Sacred Cows and Orion (Throughout this post I shall persist in using the English plural-form of dolmens, although everything in me screams that it ought to be ‘dolmen’) So, yea, I know there are some clever clogs out … Continue reading

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