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Too Jigging Close

Great Yarmouth’s famous rows run East to West and channel the health-giving sea breezes. Those “breezes” helped to fight off the Black Death when it hit in the years 1347-1351, killing a third of Europe’s population. Those wind-channelling rows did … Continue reading

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From Dawn to Dusk

Now we’re past the solstice, the nights draw in, the mornings break later, while yet it’s warm (ok, it’s hot!). Encouragement enough for me to go wandering with the camera. Wednesday 5th August. Sunset around 8:30 pm. Breydon Water Just … Continue reading

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In Shades of Grey

I confess I did tweak the photo. Those bins were very dark green. Otherwise, the photo captures another grey day in Great Yarmouth. And it had begun with dazzling sun! See here for a list of titles for Maria’s Antonia’s … Continue reading

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A Town Of Three Rivers

or Continuing The Good Work (see Mixed Blessings of a Winter Bug) So, yea, last week I managed to walk six miles (see Marriott Way). But that’s nothing compared with the fifteen miles plus that used to be my staple … Continue reading

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