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Exquisitely, Annoyingly, Totally Unanswerable

I don’t suppose the average Joe in the street gives thought to this, far more concerned with football results, rising prices, Climate Change, the increase in positive Covid tests and whether Blundering Boris will fall off a figurative cliff before … Continue reading

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CCC154: Crowded Out

Look at this. What do you see? Beautiful, isn’t it. The praise of God made permanent in stone. But look again and see the oppression of the Saxon race, Norman stone that crowded us out of our homes. Three parishes … Continue reading

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For England and Saint… Who?

Today – 23rd April – is Saint George’s Day. But even without the lockdown, you’d see few English folk celebrating. Of the Four Nations of Britain, it’s only we English that let our Patron Saint’s Day pass without a fuss. … Continue reading

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The Wall

There is a wall around our town, which aptly fits Maria’s Antonia’s #2020picoftheweek challenge title of Around Town. Of the many intact stretches of the wall, I picked this one cos… well, seems someone might be living there. The wall dates to … Continue reading

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What Pegman Saw: Of Mud and Trade

It formed where the three rivers joined, between the island-guarded northern bank and southern cliffs, at the estuary the Celtic Iceni called “Noisy Mouth” (for the strident gulls that roosted there). The Romans helped. They built a fort on the … Continue reading

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What Pegman Saw: Don’t Listen to Local Talk

You say Jean de Gisors founded Portsmouth? On land that he bought off Adam de Port? But that can’t be true. In 1172 Henry Plantagenet exiled Adam de Port for his involvement in the Scottish Lion-king’s invasion of *the Borders*; … Continue reading

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The Market Cross

Mark my confesion: It wasn’t intentional, it was quite accidental, my attention down rather than up. in my need to exclude the non-consenting general public I lopped off the cross at the top. Though neither round nor square, I claim … Continue reading

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Under the Arches

I claim this photo for #2019picoftheweek challenge title Three of a Kind [For details of #2019picoftheweek challenge  see MariaAntonia] Wymondham Abbey was founded in 1107 by William d’Aubigny ‘Pincerna’, butler to Henry I, to serve as Benedictine monastery with attached … Continue reading

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Coke and Honey

Long years ago, when I was at school, as part of our history curriculum we covered the British Agricultural Revolution. Living in Norfolk the focus, of course, was on the change from the open three-field system (which required one field … Continue reading

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