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Megalith: noun, singular, from Ancient Greek megas (great) and líthos, (stone). Naturally occurring megaliths are found throughout the world. Alignments of megaliths are less common and clearly the work of human hands. The best-known English examples are at Stonehenge and … Continue reading

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Sunday Picture Post: Treading in my Several-Times-Great-Grandma’s Steps

Saturday 22nd August, I shod myself in walking shoes, equipped myself with food and water, and caught the 6:30 am bus out of Great Yarmouth. At Norwich, I caught another bus to arrive at Newton Flotman by 7:40 am. It … Continue reading

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Too Jigging Close

Great Yarmouth’s famous rows run East to West and channel the health-giving sea breezes. Those “breezes” helped to fight off the Black Death when it hit in the years 1347-1351, killing a third of Europe’s population. Those wind-channelling rows did … Continue reading

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Hey, Wait Up!

Bend in the Road, another title achieved in Maria’s Antonia’s #2020picoftheweek Green lanes once were proper roads, taking wheeled traffic from village to village. But when the dictate came that parishes were to metal their roads, some routes were considered … Continue reading

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Top of the Tide

There is a moment of stillness in the estuary when it seems the water is undecided which way to flow. This day the stillness is aided by an extraordinary lack of wind. Alexanders were brought to Britain by the Romans … Continue reading

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The Gentry Game

Originally posted April 2013 on my dedicated History Blog (no longer running), I thought it might be of interest to those who delve into historical fiction, only to find themselves… bemused. Unable to keep it politely brief, I have tried … Continue reading

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CCC#80: Neighbours

John: Have you seen who has bought that house next door? Immigrants, Goodwife, more cursed immigrants. Goodwife: Religious refugees, John. We’ve opened our borders to them; it wouldn’t hurt you to open your heart. John: They take our jobs. Goodwife: … Continue reading

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For England and Saint… Who?

Today – 23rd April – is Saint George’s Day. But even without the lockdown, you’d see few English folk celebrating. Of the Four Nations of Britain, it’s only we English that let our Patron Saint’s Day pass without a fuss. … Continue reading

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When I saw this fantastic cap on a bollard close to the old Maddermarket in Norwich, I was intrigued. The Maddermarket used to sell… madder, the plant used to dye medieval woollen products various shades of red. Hence the sheep … Continue reading

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Hand-axes, our first achievement While microliths marked the meso age Pottery, coiled and burnished, served neo farmers But copper and tin alloyed ushered in our worst epoch 27 words written for Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt: Epoch

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