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This Kiss

Mindless of the pressing chores The waiting floors, the empty stores She strolled along a dream-cast road And watched a leather-sided toad. With a tug at her dirty work-stained frock She sat beside him on a river rock. He looked … Continue reading

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The Ash-Maid’s Wizard Mother

From the long years of my life From the many studied charms Now at my death I have the answer To the tricks that she performed How she transformed the mice to men How she an invitation penned How she … Continue reading

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Sleeping Beauty

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Once upon a time, a long time ago, lived a girl named Cinders who hadn’t a shoe She lived with her sisters, both ugly as sin, when they went out of an evening they locked Cinders in. Close by lived … Continue reading

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Esmeralda and the Frog

Princess Esmeralda stood beside the well and wished. True to the tradition of beautiful princesses, she wished for a handsome prince. “Croak, croak,” said the frog that appeared at her feet. Now Princess Esmeralda was no dunce. She knew it … Continue reading

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