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The Overthrown Queen

Thrown from my palace Ousted by that usurping wench Kept from my chamber From my servants, familiars, my wards and grimoires Kept from my pots and vials, philtres and magical gubbins. What do I do now? And don’t answer me … Continue reading

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This Kiss

Mindless of the pressing chores The waiting floors, the empty stores She strolled along a dream-cast road And watched a leather-sided toad. With a tug at her dirty work-stained frock She sat beside him on a river rock. He looked … Continue reading

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The Ash-Maid’s Wizard Mother

From the long years of my life From the many studied charms Now at my death I have the answer To the tricks that she performed How she transformed the mice to men How she an invitation penned How she … Continue reading

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Esmeralda and the Frog

Princess Esmeralda stood beside the well and wished. True to the tradition of beautiful princesses, she wished for a handsome prince. “Croak, croak,” said the frog that appeared at her feet. Now Princess Esmeralda was no dunce. She knew it … Continue reading

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