Festive Colours

One of the #2018picoftheweek titles is Fall Colours. But do I display photos taken at the beginning of the season? Hawthorn and dogwood have been presenting their full colours since mid August. Or ought I to wait until late December to catch the last of the trees? Of course, if I’m not quick enough then it’ll be winter.

Or why not, I thought, ignore the trees and go for something … other? Something that, to me at least, shouts of the autumn?

autumn colors

Beefsteak fungus, found in a woods in Swardeston, near Norwich: Photo 24th September 2018


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8 Responses to Festive Colours

  1. Dale says:

    Fabulous colours, to be sure… I think you made a great choice!

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  2. I love your choice, too! I like that Fall Colours can mean anything. I like the how the bright green brings out colour of the mushrooms.

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