A Liminal Time

Where land becomes sea; when day becomes night; when the tide rests at its height: these are liminal times and liminal places where the veil that hides the Other-World becomes a permeable thing and allows the magic to slip through. Sometimes we just happen to be there to catch it.

Sunset over Breydon

Sunset over Breydon Water: photo taken 6th August 2018

The recent heat wave has held me away. But tempted out by a cooler evening, I took the camera for a walk along Breydon Water, and hit just the right time.

#2018picoftheweek: Sunset, though strictly speaking this isn’t sunset. Technically there was still an hour to go. But the conditions were perfect.

Sunset on Breydon

Sunset on Breydon #2: Photo 6th August 2018

Breydon Water is a tidal estuary that sits at the back of Great Yarmouth; the remants of the Great Estuary into which flows three main rivers of Norfolk (England). And being on my doorstep, one of my favourite haunts.


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15 Responses to A Liminal Time

  1. Absolutely the right time! I love those light rays.

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    • crimsonprose says:

      The light was magical. You’d not believe how many photos I took, and I kept thinking, this isn’t going to capture the moment. Yet most of those photos did. Then came the problem of choosing which one for this post.

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      • I know those problems… that sometimes the camera cannot capture the magic of the moment. And then when it does, WHICH pic do I go with???

        I’ve learned that there’s no point in keeping too many multiples of the same shot. Sometimes, I just pick one and go with it. If I have different angles, I pick the best from each angle. And then I either delete the others. Or sometimes put them in a folder to be deleted at a later time. That way if I change my mind in few days, I can rescue a photo.

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      • crimsonprose says:

        I keep the best and use them as a randomised slide-show on my laptop. Within a week I can usually delete out about 25% of them. After the next photo shoot, these’s another collection of photos to serve as a slide-show.
        Mostly the photos weren’t ‘more of the same’. I walked along beside the water and took a photo at every so many steps. The clouds were in constant flux, and the old wrecks and vegetation in the shallows also changed. Across the many photos I took, there was a lot of variety. Also, I was walking for about 1 1/2 hours, so the sun was slipping ever nearer the water, the sky was growing ever darker ….

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  2. Dale says:

    Stunning, Crispina! Absolutely the best timing… and I know what you mean about thinking none will do the view justice and then, how to choose..

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