Asaric Tales e-book Update #9

Asaric Tales update 9

Gosh, is it really another month gone? And what have I done? I confess I have wilted into lethargy in Britain’s current heatwave. Even so, I’ve not been idle. And nor have my beta-readers and critiquers though one or two are a little behind schedule with their returns.

Asaric Lies (Asaric Tales Book One)

As of today, I’m still waiting on two readers’ returns. But, don’t fret, my friends, I know how easily good intentions can go astray during vacation season. Besides, how could I possibly crack the whip at anyone who is generous enough to volunteer, and it’s not like I have a publisher breathing down my back.

Most of the changes arising from the previous round of reads and critiques were incorporated as they came in; ditto for those coming in during this last round. But there are two scenes which need reworking, and which I’ve saved till now. So this is next on my To-Do, along with anything that might yet arrive in my In-Box. Then, I hope, I can set that book aside until ready to publish.

Overall, I’ve been more than pleased with the comments. And that each reader/ critiquer has then volunteered to read/critique the next book in the series is definitely encouraging.

Which brings me to …

Asaric Axis (Asaric Tales Book Two)

This has now been out with the beta-readers and critiquers for up to a month. So far one reader has completed the book and returned her comments; others are at various stages. At this point, I’m not chasing the returns, though I will be delighted when the overdue first parts show up in my In-Box. (Subtle nudge, no cracks of whips; full appreciation of the commitment you’re taken on.)

Asaric Skies (Asaric Tales Book Three)

I have now completed the read-through, chapter analysis and first revision of Asaric Skies.

As far as plot and structure are concerned, I’m happy. The stages unfold to hit all the right marks. Yay! But I am disappointed that I couldn’t delete more than 5000 words from its total (which now stands at 139k). So, next revision will include an extremely critical eye cast over descriptive passages, i.e. I noticed excessive attention to the environment (trees, hills and flowers), far more than in the previous two books.

While I am itching to get on with this, I hope I’ll need to delay it in favour of the returns from Asaric Axis (Book Two). Yep, that’s another nudge. But soft key, friendly. I am so appreciative of what you’re doing. And I know how ‘life’ can get in the way. And, well, to be honest, I’m not exactly skipping and jumping myself—as might be noticed by how short this update and how lacklustre.

So, that’s that for now. My many thanks to those participating. Asaric Tales e-book update #10, due first weekend in September.


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  1. Dale says:

    How exciting to see the process… maybe one day it will be my turn!

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